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  1. naturally from the ideal people.
    We know that humanity always wanted to build a paradise on earth, but this idea usually turned out to be hell – there were different ideas, in some the cornerstone was chosen power and authority, in others the higher race, in others the working class, in others science and so on and so on. Passed, saw. And the reason is simple to the point of banality – the cornerstone of an ideal society is righteousness and the righteous, that is, people who love the truth and righteous ways – their nature does not need to be controlled and restrained. This confirms the idea that Christ brought – that is, our life is a casting for a future role in the future-we create ourselves and our position in the future ideal world by our actions, behavior and aspirations. And the more a person has lived holily and righteously, the higher he will be in the future world, this is the justice that is so necessary for an ideal world.

    42 Jesus said to them, ” Have you never read in the Scriptures that the stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner? Is this from the Lord, and is it wonderful in our eyes?

    43 Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people bearing its fruit;

    (Matthew 21: 42,43)

  2. The world (the universe, the cosmos, God's creation…) is perfect. We are human beings, so far we can only accept this axiom, because it is not in our power to change the world. The ideal society is only a small part of the world. Much has been said and written about the ideal society. As for me, the more people find out the true (which do not depend on the will of a person, …and only the area of the circle, forever and ever – pi er square … T. Shaov… )the laws of nature and society, the more ideal society becomes and its idea of the world as a whole.

  3. For me, the ideal world is a fair world, i.e. a world where everyone gets what they deserve. Thus, a person who treats other people well, honestly and diligently performs his work, receives a decent salary, he and his relatives are healthy, no misfortunes and cataclysms happen to him, no one offends him. While all sorts of scoundrels and scoundrels are constantly sick, no one likes them, they are not lucky.

  4. Our world is already almost perfect. Lies, betrayals, diseases, losses, wars, social inequality – from our point of view, this is terrible, but on the other hand – what else will regulate our numbers? Read about the experiment “Universe-25”, where mice were created paradise conditions: food, water, space, climate, everything you need. Always, in every such experiment, the entire colony died out. So the vision of an ideal world, as a world without cruelty, where everyone is kind, where everyone is equal, where everyone has everything , is utopia. It seems to me that the world will become closer to the ideal if the influence of randomness decreases. The less chance intervenes in a person's life, the more likely everyone is to realize their potential.

  5. The ideal world will be so monotonous that people will think otherwise. When everyone has everything they want, they will stop thinking about everything. And this, in fact, will lead to the destruction of the entire civilization, and our race will not remain in this world (there can be nothing perfect, everything is based on this). And it will be a perfect world.

  6. The ideal world exists. This is the universe in its entirety. After all, what does it take for the system to be perfect? Not the immediate satisfaction of all your needs (automatic, when nothing depends on your choice), but the ability to determine for yourself what you will be. The ability to choose between good and evil (and in fact, between many of the smallest shades – from the lightest to the darkest). And be responsible for it. Our mistakes are a prerequisite for an ideal world, because without them, there would be no free will. But even our mistakes are always someone's opportunity for development. As they say, a feat is the result of someone's sloppiness. I don't think it always is, but in many cases it is.

    In addition, the universe is constantly changing, which means that we also need to change in order to match it. Therefore, the ideal that is imprinted in our memory is the individual periods of time when we most vividly feel our correspondence with the world.

  7. An ideal world is a world where we don't exist. It's a world without people. A world in which people are liberated from themselves. Completely and definitively. An ideal world is not a utopia at all. Relatively speaking, you just need to get to the main button and click it. And we will all have happiness, peace and quiet. It is quite possible that the Great Liberation of Humanity from itself will take place in the next 10 years. Anything is possible. Everything is at the will of the Possible. In this strange, ghostly dream. In this strange dream … om.

  8. Some may say, “I want world peace, I want equality among all,” but then it will be a disaster. Once my wife and I were talking about this topic and I said to her: “what will happen if all people suddenly stop being cattle, and become thinking logical and educated people?” And then we came to the conclusion that this will be roughly the “end of the world”, because, for example, such professions as a cleaner, cashier, waiter will be considered by people from the point of view of “why should I do this? I am a person, I need personal growth”, and when the boss says what “needs to be done”, the employee will ask “why exactly is it necessary?”, and then this will lead to a cataclysm, because no one will agree with each other. For example, a person is told that he needs to do something, and he, wondering why he needs to do it, will receive the answer “because it is necessary”, respectively, he will be outraged, which does not explain to him the meaning of the action.�

    So my ideal world is limited only to all acceptance – that is, every person accepts everything in other people-their positive and negative qualities (because we all have both bad and good), does not try to change other people for themselves, is tolerant of all small groups and accepts them without experiencing aggression (for example, people of a different race, orientation, transsexuals, etc. With the exception of pedophilia, bestiality, etc., that is, something that does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of another person or animal) I just want people to stop living with stereotypes like “a man should” and “a girl should”. Let everyone do what they want, dress as they want, but everything is within the law (that is, when it's not about someone else)

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