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  1. The only thing I know for sure about my death is that it's inevitable.

    This is basically the only thing that a person can know about his death at all.

  2. I think, I think… and I can't say for sure. Before my eyes is my nephew, who died suddenly of a stroke that year at the age of almost 13, most likely from the effects of coronavirus. He was so cheerful, and now he's gone… How is it? Maybe he flew somewhere? Well, how can it be that here he was laughing, riding bikes and skateboarding with the guys, playing fotball? mischievous, at the dacha a bunch of guys gathered (we all met on the site)… and now he's gone… My brother (his dad) is still waiting… he says he's never been away for so long before…. things, books are lying as he left them, worn wallpaper on the wall (the mark from the head, when pressed against the wall, with a book or phone sat)… Is that where the boy is now??? Each of us, when his time comes, will go there, but there is a natural course of events, and there is an unnatural one (such as we have, a stroke in a child who was absolutely healthy before the infection suffered at the beginning of that year). We're here, shedding tears and going crazy with grief… and someone may have happiness-a baby was born and the soul of our Danki moved in. Or maybe there is nothing there, you died here and that's all, you will not be resurrected in another body again… who knows? No one has ever returned from there to confirm or deny it. The only thing we cling to is dreams. Before the anniversary of his death, his mother had a dream (I must say that she only dreamed about her son a couple of times during the whole year), now she dreams that it's winter outside, Danechka is ill, and his mother, Oksana, wraps him up with a blanket and does not understand what the child is sick with, has become weak, barely breathes. And suddenly he throws back the covers and goes to the window. At the window, he stops and says to his mother: “Mommy, look, it's winter! And our old apple tree has bloomed! How beautiful… ” and everything disappeared. Then Oksana says that I understand, I have to run to the apple tree. I stand under it, and it blooms and blooms, despite the winter, and Danechka is no longer there, but the embarrassment that he is near, always near… Why do you need such a dream??? His soul felt good, calm? Say your last goodbyes?

  3. There is NO death there is a transition to two Spiritual Worlds !!!One WORLD is Bright with HEAVEN and the HOLY TRINITY, the other is dark with HELL and devils …What a nightmare …But I saw it with my own eyes !!! What do I think about my own death ? I don't think anything …I still have a case for RUSSIA as I finish and go to the next WORLD .I wish EVERYONE less sin and more good deeds !!!Sincerely, Victor.

  4. I wonder what I'll bring back to Eternity. And, as it seems to me, with nothing. If Saint Macarius the Great said: “God cleanse me a sinner, for I have never done good before You,” is what I, far from being a saint, and certainly not a great one, should say. It's easier for an atheist. I closed my eyes and you're gone. Or so he thinks. Although when he dies, he will be very disappointed. I closed my eyes, but you are there … And not just eating, but with all the things you've carefully hidden in your life. And you can't hide your shame with your hands anymore.

  5. While I am, there is no death; when death comes, there will be no me. Everything is simple. As for after death, everyone is free to believe what they want. Personally, I believe in God, those who don't believe are his problems.

  6. My very good friend (48 years old) he survived clinical death three times. The last time his heart didn't beat for 12 minutes. Pumped out in intensive care.

    He always told the same story:

    “Forget about the tunnels and the light at the end of them! In fact, everything is simpler: imagine that you are sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie, and suddenly the lights go out. And dark. The only thing that's true is that when you're pumped out and you open your eyes in the ICU, reality hits you like a zoom. In feature films, this effect is reproduced very accurately.”

    I don't think that my death will be different from his “deaths”, so this information is interesting and valuable for me.

  7. Everyone is so smart and brave.

    But I'm scared.

    The unknown is scary.

    Weakness is scary.

    The pain is scary.

    It means that death is three times as terrible, so I don't know anything about it personally, except that it is the highest weakness and infinite pain.

  8. There is no such thing as death. And the fear of death is a phantom fear. Fear caused by a non-existent cause. Death is not the opposite of life. Death is the opposite of birth. What was born will die, what was not born cannot die. Find out what you are in reality and whether what you are can die.

    In reality, there is no death, but there is a change of life experiences. One experience ends, another begins. And this game of consciousness has no beginning and no end. It is not you who are born into the world, it is the world that is born in you! You are the timeless reality in which all these perceptual experiences take place. The very space and time and the world and the being that you have come to think of yourself as are born in the mind that you are in fact. Modern sciences-quantum mechanics, astrophysics, psychology-have come to the same conclusions. In the modern scientific paradigm, the universe is in consciousness, and beyond consciousness there is only “quantum uncertainty”, a superposition.

  9. Death is a wonderful thing. It opens up a path of endless ascent, summing up our rather naive existence, which we call life. Having passed through 3 clinical trials in my experience, I can say that there is nothing terrible in it – a simple transition, but always with a difficult return -). In addition, the deeper meaning of our stay here is also quite obvious to those returning. With all the thirst for the Afterlife, premature, especially violent, care options are obviously unacceptable, because our life is continuous in principle, and death is just a transition to another room of an infinite structure. And to go, you need to have something that can go…

  10. For some reason, death never gets out of my head. I mean, it's not like I live in constant fear, I just keep thinking that I might die at any second – an accident, an accident, a blood clot – there are a huge number of options. There is no fear for myself, but as the only and beloved child, I am insanely afraid for my mother.�

    In general, probably death is similar to the last episode of the Sopranos) too many questions and no answers – the screen went blank

  11. I think about the death of the body, that part of the person that does not belong to the body is S-O-Knowledge from God, which will remain even after the death of the body, as the Soul that connects me with Consciousness from God will remain. The memory will also remain and the sins will remain, which will be cleaned up with the pain that will also remain.

  12. I hope that after death there will be no notorious heaven, hell, or other dimensions. THE GREAT NOTHING. That's all, nothing more is needed. I'm really looking forward to dying. For enough is enough, I'm tired of suffering.

  13. I'm very afraid of death. I'm not so much afraid of her as I don't want her under any circumstances. I have several soothing words in my head-from the very construction of Epicurus, which was mentioned several times by those who answered, and the positivist “if the brain dies, the consciousness will also die, and simply nothing will happen, this happens to everyone”, to religious hopes for the subsequent existence of consciousness (or soul) in one form or another. But none of these pills work, or at least they don't really work. I can't accept the simple idea that I won't be there, I value too much the opportunity to be, to look at the world, to be aware of it, to think about it, to imagine it. I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to overcome my fear of death or come up with some kind of conviction that will overcome death, I envy those for whom death is truly acceptable or even expected (although sometimes I think that they simply did not dare to think about death completely), but for now — the more I think and learn, the less

  14. You come from the void and go into the ever-after. Life is beyond your control, you are only within the framework of what you were originally given: you cannot go beyond the “matrix” and “make sense” of yourself “from the outside” – you are at least a level below the ” force “that”drives” you. Therefore, it is pointless to talk about death. You're just not authorised =)

  15. To me, the realization of the very fact that any moment in life may be the last, gives strength and determination in difficult moments. And the process of dying is terrifying: three years ago, gopnik because of the iPhone trampled my skull. He survived by a miracle, and very well remembered the process of fading consciousness. Pelevin described it very accurately – the feeling of disgust or extreme irritation gradually increases to such an extent that it becomes simply incompatible with life, and then darkness. So I'd rather die faster next time 🙂

  16. Globally, what I think about death. We are all alive on this planet as long as there is even a fraction of genetic information about us. In this vein, you can think about immortality.

    And so…

    With the death of a person's brain, the full vital activity of his psyche ( the so-called “soul”) also ends, I do not observe miracles here. Another thing is that you should not worry about it at all.

  17. I think that my death will be 1 big weekend where I can relax from worldly problems.But seriously, I think it will be painful, scary and slow.I don't know why ,but it seems to me that with my luck it will be so.

  18. If it's about my death, then nothing.No one knows when he will die or how it will happen, unless,of course, you plan it yourself. A kind of Russian roulette.

    I am sure of one thing: after death, namely brain death, there will be nothing at all.Emptiness.You won't even know you're dead.Your life processes stop and your functioning as an organism ends there.No hell, heaven, or anything else.You simply die and stop life processes.And no more philosophy.Harsh,I think, truth.This is my personal opinion and I do not urge you to accept it, do not throw me sneakers

  19. I have many different thoughts.

    On the one hand, there will be nothing. If I die, my brain will stop working and my personality will be a thing of the past. Time is a river, you've often heard this comparison. So, every minute of my life will be eternal for an insignificant period of time. The world will continue to exist, planets and galaxies will be born and die. Various beings will continue to try to systematize their environment (what we used to call science), experience “feelings” and so on… Philosophers will continue to spin pathetic nonsense, physicists will try to confirm their crazy guesses with crazy facts. How will it all end? I don't know. My mind is nothing compared to Spencer's. The world is too complicated.

    Despite the arguments of reason, fear remains. I'm scared as hell to die. More precisely, not to die, but what awaits me after death. The soul is a product of the human mind. The finished product. Then, perhaps, it will exist after the brain is finished working?..

    No, I don't think so. It's too scary! Forever flying through something with nothing but meaningless thoughts.�

    I fear eternity more than anything else in the world. That's why I stopped believing in God. Worship what you fear and feed your fears with faith? Please dismiss me.

    Death is inevitable. It doesn't matter if it happens in a month or a thousand years. It is unlikely that we can change the outcome of life. Maybe it's better to say to yourself, ” Death is mandatory. You can't avoid this. .. as long as you breathe and walk on this earth, all you have is Life.”.

  20. For me, death is something that comes with empty eyes in order to fill these eyes with something extraordinary and unusual. For me, death is the moment when you can change everything and only get one little thing to impress(but I was joking!) go back to history! Death is beautiful, and we shouldn't be afraid of it. We are only material, but we must be glad that you are the material that lives on this earth, even if it is perishable. But you might not have been born, yes, yes, you are the one who now, perhaps, reads this and smiles. So don't whine and live with an open mind (remember what I said about sincerity!). However, let's return to death (who needs it – they will see humor in this). I repeat, for me this is something completely different, not connected with the world and the earth and our space, but something surreal and translucent with black and gray paint of darkness (added poetry, heh). Don't think that I'm not afraid of her at all, of course I am, and this is normal. We are programmed to do this, and it is our nature to do so. It is scary, but there is nothing to do, this is the hopelessness of being, this is a gloomy sky, which, no matter how you want it, will burst with thunder and rain. One day I'll drink vinegar instead of water and burn my guts out and die. Someday, at the wrong time and place, I will be late for something and on my bike I will crash into a car/truck and be smeared into mincemeat, so that I will no longer be able to be put together as a whole. One day, I will cross the road of the wrong people and my corpse will be thrown into the river or rolled into concrete in laminate. Maybe by accident or design, I will get HIV and my body will slowly rot. A plague after all, guys. There are also Staphylococcus, various types of flu, leprosy, ebola virus, malaria, cholera, smallpox and tuberculosis. As they say, choose – I don't want to. It was always fun to know that we live and have children in such a harmful environment. Each of us lives as if on a powder keg – at any moment we can take off, that mother do not grieve! I don't want to know how or why I'm going to die. I would strangle the person who wanted to say this, and burn the book on my life immediately, fearing spoilers (I really don't like them!). Our life is random, we have no instructions for it, and whatever we do, we need to learn and put in a lot of effort. Such that the human body simply does not allow itself.

  21. My attitude toward death has often changed over time. A few years ago, I couldn't imagine that it was possible to leave without a special meaning – it seemed that sooner or later I would find a continuation, be able to express myself in something new, find a new position in an alternative version of the world or even in another time.

    Gradually, I began to think about the phenomenon of life itself and then about its end. Now I adhere to the position of quiet, peaceful, and, most importantly, irrevocable care. For some reason, it seems that the process itself will be similar to falling into a dream: a sharp, barely noticeable push, followed by a fall. And everything. Nothing else will happen: no afterlife, no otherworldly worlds, no time transfers, no rebirths. Maybe I will feel this “fall” only at the moment of brain death – the death of its cells, maybe for the rest of the time. We can only guess.

  22. I think about how unpleasant and sad it will be for those who will be around at this moment. As it is, in my opinion, death is an ordinary non-existence-a cooling wrapper with no signs of life, reason or thoughts.

  23. About my death, I can only say that I am waiting for it, not that much, but I really want to get rid of all the turmoil and problems, the most important thing is that it would not be painful, I do not want to experience severe pain during death.

    If we talk about suicide, then I consider it ideal for me to lift the car to the roof of an abandoned building, away from people, tie a loop to the ceiling, cut the veins, accelerate and shoot yourself in flight.�

    Combo: crashed a car, opened his wrists, shot himself, hanged himself, and fell off the roof of a building.

  24. Death is inevitable-that's a fact.

    Death must be taken for granted and the time of life must be used to maximize the enjoyment of it.

    You should also think about your own “legacy” to this world and try to make it as meaningful as possible.

  25. Death. What does a person know about it? Everyone knows that they are alive , and everyone knows that one day they will be gone. But will there be a continuation of life? If not, then life is absurd. God created us for eternal life. He is the source of life. But there was a catastrophe – the separation of man from God. And man became mortal. Dust you are, and to dust you will return. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. So says the gospel. The gospel is the good news of God who loves and saves us from eternal death. Today, when a person dies, Christ called this state sleep. When Jesus returns to our land, He says that many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awaken. “Do not be surprised at this; for the time is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who have done good will come out to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation.” John 5: 28-29. Again, Jesus said he who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. I will raise him up at the last day. The second coming of Christ is the hope of all who believe in Him. Believe and do not doubt the Word of the Living God. Those who believe in Christ have a wonderful future ahead of them-ETERNAL LIFE. God is the source of life. Hold on to It all the days of your short life.

  26. Already�uncomfortable�a little�quote�which�times�Omar Хай Khayyama:

    What's out there in the other world? “I�asked�the old man,

    Enjoying the “wine” in the “silence” of the cellar.

    Drink up!�- answered,�the road�there�is far away,

    Of the “departed”ones, no one has “returned”yet!..

    Health�to all and�long�years!

  27. I don't know how to tell you… In May 2016, I was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe internal injuries, the chances of survival were 1 in 100, as I later learned. I spent a month and a half in the intensive care unit, and almost every day I saw someone being taken away under a white sheet. Every day I was told that I might not live to see tomorrow, and I could only pray and hope for God. A little over a year has passed… I have undergone 4 surgeries, I am alive and well, thanks to the doctors and medical staff, and the attitude to death… Only when I got to the intensive care unit did I tell myself that at the age of 21, death is something unthinkable for me, guys, what are you talking about in general, what kind of death, this is not mine, my whole life is ahead. After time and long reflection in 4 walls, studying the patterns of green (damn it) tiles, observing the work of medical staff and other patients – you start to treat death somehow calmly and indifferently. Even to his own. Cardiac arrest. Half an hour of resuscitation. Death. They covered me with a sheet. Taken away. All.

    All of us will die sooner or later. Preferably with your own, painless death, in a very old age, but….. As Woland said, ” Yes, man is mortal, but that would be half the trouble. The bad thing is that he is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick!”

  28. I hope that after my death I will continue to live in my works: poems, aphorisms, humorous and serious miniatures.�

    All living things are mortal: plants, animals, and man – (Homo sapiens), as the highest representative of the animal world. It is absurd to believe in religious tales of eternal happiness in heaven or eternal torment in hell. It is time for humanity to grow up and build its morality not on self-interest and fear inspired by the church, but guided by its own conscience and its critical thinking, which must be brought up from early childhood.

    There is nothing terrible or unnatural about death. Everyone, coming to the holiday, sooner or later leaves it. Including the celebration of life. Moreover, we were lucky to be born, which was a rare happiness for each of us, and we should be grateful to nature for this, and not demand the impossible from her. But gradually, human life expectancy will grow thanks to medicine and other sciences and thanks to the evolution of human consciousness.

  29. It will happen. Maybe right now I'll choke on a nice pea porridge and die in the cafeteria without even closing the seminar.�

    I'm not afraid of death. But to die, yes. I'm afraid of maniacs and diseases. I'm afraid to stop controlling myself and give in to an impulsive desire to jump down.�

    I'm afraid I won't have time to see the world and finish the drawing, which took two pairs of psychology.�

    I'm afraid to die. And death… I might even be happy. But the species, of course, is not gendered.

  30. I don't hope it won't be there.

    And that with the help of the development of science, technology and medicine, in the next 20-30 years it will be possible to at least radically increase life expectancy. And after a while, even become immortal.�

    Do not take these words as something fantastic, science is developing exponentially, faster and faster, and with each decade, due to the accumulated knowledge, more and more rapid progress is taking place.

    My generation of 20 to 30-year-olds was lucky. We are on the threshold of being able to jump on the last car of the departing train. And those who were born earlier will most likely be too old for the procedures to affect properly and have the necessary effect. And those who were born today-with almost one hundred percent probability-are the generation that will no longer know death from old age.�

    Especially when human-level artificial intelligence appears. This is the near future – even now the intelligence of computers is at the level of intelligence of mice, and this is quite a lot. And when human-level intelligence appears (according to forecasts for 2035-2040, although, most likely, much earlier-with an adjustment for exponential growth in the level of progress, this is 2025-2030), and give it freedom, it will self-develop at a monstrous speed, in just 1 month it will already be 2 times smarter than us, and in 7 days already 100 times, and in just 2 hours already 10,000 times. It's impossible to imagine what he'll be thinking. For him, we will be like ants who need to explain the quantum field theory. There is also fear in this, but fear is only in the unknown. It will be a technological singularity. According to the run-throughs, which will happen around 2045. This will be a new era of humanity. But that's another story…

  31. I don't think anything of her. The only thing I'm slightly afraid of is that it will hurt or not at the right time. I don't believe in hell or anything else, and I'm not afraid of the unknown either. So that… Whatever you want.

  32. I once asked myself the same question and it became an occasion to write a whole article that I am not ashamed to recommend for reading – “Scientific Samsara”.�

    What science can define what death is? We are used to the fact that Medicine, Biology, and Philosophy are in charge of this issue.. But what if Physics asks the same question? After all, we still live in the world of its laws. It is logical to assume that we should also die in accordance with them.

  33. I don't think so often. But I still think something. Speaking of the fear of death, I have an idea that is also what I need to strive for. When I die (let's say it's not uncommon), I don't want to realize that I've lived my life for nothing. I definitely have to do something in my life that doesn't make me think that way. That's what I sometimes think about

  34. It's strange to think that one day I'll be gone. It's weird for me to think that I can't pet a cat, scratch my ear, and say a word. On the other hand, I do not know what will be there, but something must be, because otherwise all this does not make sense, and I do not want to think that we live without any meaning. So, I hope that something will happen there, which means that death is just a transition period. The scary thing is that it's like an exam that you can't get out of. We have exams in our lives or important things that make our knees tremble. We don't want to do this, but in the end, there is always a chance that the exam will be canceled, or we will get lucky, or something extraordinary will happen. And here you know that there is no way to avoid this exam. It's scary.

    Another scary thing is that this exam, in fact, will need to be passed alone. Even if you are surrounded by a crowd of your relatives and friends, even if you drink poison with your lover in your arms, you will go down that tunnel or whatever it is, alone. At that moment, no one will be with you, absolutely. This is also scary.

    It's scary to die young. It's scary to die long and painfully. It will be scary to realize that your death has come.

  35. In Lithuania, they are very obsessive about the supervision of graves, for some people the grave of a loved one is just a soda plot where they come to work once a week. When people ask me where I would like to be buried , I always say that there is enough money for the crematorium from my life insurance , and what is left is scattered in the wind and I always answer this question by starting the sentence with the words: “if I ever die …”We always hope that it will pass…

  36. I try not to think about her . Every time I was on the edge of something, I didn't really notice it. Except that I dreamed more clearly of the dead or other celestials. Then the doctors were surprised that she was alive. I really want to believe that there is something beyond the harbor . and this is not a figment of a sick imagination. There's also the faint hope that I'll be found before my own cat gnaws at me.

  37. Have you ever lost consciousness? Or were you under anesthesia? When you lose consciousness, you simply pass out, and the whole period of time before you regain consciousness is simply deleted from your life. There is no darkness, tunnels and other rubbish, you are like a person teleporting at the moment when you wake up.�

    Well, death is a state of infinite loss of consciousness.

  38. I've been thinking about it and I've been thinking about it for a long time.

    Thoughts of death make you feel fear, panic, and elation.

    I do not know how it will be.

    But if I don't sleep at this point, then “fall through, fall asleep” won't work.

    I will feel everything very vividly and consciously until the moment of X.

    It is difficult to imagine non-existence, just as it is impossible for a sighted person to understand that a blind person sees nothing. (And to go blind for a while, it's like clinical death, visual images are remembered/the moment X has not come).

    It's scary and fascinating.

    Wikipedia says that I will have to experience happiness, hear bright noises, see different bright images, lose my sense of weight, and so on.

    But it seems to me that there will be a terrible fear, panic, agony, fear that everything is not on time and you are not in time for something or a person close to you is not there right now. (If not nearby).

    By and large, I think it's like a disease. It's not just the stomach/leg/head that hurts, but everything, because the whole body is failing.

    I will feel everything vividly until my brain fails and dies.

    Another scary thing is that sooner or later, the voice in the head will subside, that is, consciousness, because the signals to the voice box will stop coming. But the brain will die last, and until then, I will exist with a dead body.

    Well, maybe I'm wrong of course.

    And the paradox is that it is very interesting to experience non-existence for yourself, but unfortunately there will be nothing left:/

    In general, a mixture of emotions. Interesting, scary, exciting, depressing and inspiring.

    Like this.

  39. Quoting a character from the film by Lars von Trier: “When we are, there is no death yet. When death comes, we are no more.”
    In my opinion, this is like nothing else conveys the whole point.
    I'm not afraid of death, and I don't think about it at all. It's just that one day your life span will end, that's all.

  40. The more years, the more the views on life lived and remaining change. Relatives and friends are leaving, and my husband is no longer with whom we have lived for more than 40 years. Everything was-and quarreled , and yelled at each other, but it was my soulmate, my friend, my love. You could talk about everything, grumble at each other, or just be quiet together. All those who leave take a piece of you with them, your husband left – I didn't want anything, even to live. But the grandson will climb on his lap, hug and whisper-don't cry, Grandma, I love you and you need to stay here a little longer. And death is an inevitability and you need to treat it without fear, as one of the characters in “Harry Potter” said-it's faster than falling asleep. That's what I think.

  41. This is a very interesting thing – there's no point in worrying about your own death. Only in the context that your loved ones will be hurt, but this will no longer be your problem. And all because when we are, there is no death, and when death is, we are no more (c)

  42. My death is not and never will be. Here I want to emphasize the word MY. Death, in general, exists only “someone else's”, but not one's own. I may feel that I am dying, but I will not be able to track the fact of my own death, because the one who will track it will disappear. I can assume that it will be very similar to fainting, when the very moment of “disconnection” is blurred and you can not fix it exactly.

    My attitude to death: it will be very cool, because there will never be anything else at all. This is a complete apocalypse, as the world will cease to exist. Space and time, too. Thought will stop and there will be nothingness. In the meantime, life is no less cool.

    The fact that something is missing after death gives life its maximum value. Although, in the end, between being and non-being, in my opinion, there is no difference. But that's another topic.

    Descartes, preved!

  43. I want it to be in a dream, and not after a “long, long illness”. I think it's just like turning off the lights. And then there will be nothing more for me. And I won't give a damn)

  44. UPD: The question was changed by the moderators or the author, originally it was “what do you think about death”, so my answer belongs to the original question.

    The question was asked incorrectly, i.e. it is not clear what exactly you want to know. What is death as a process, how do different people relate to the fact of the inevitability of death in general or their own in particular, what do we think about the possibilities of avoiding / delaying death (prolonging life), what do we think about the possibility of having life after death, how do different religions relate to death and what do different people think about it, etc. These are already 6 different questions. So first you need to ask the question exactly to get a good answer.

  45. Death is just death and nothing more, there are no feasts, paradise, piles of virgins, no one forbids you to believe in it, even encourage you, but you are just pieces of flesh, accept this and it will be easier to live, you need to live according to your conscience not in order to get to a better place, but because you yourself think so

  46. I think that death is a transition to another state or dimension. Death cleanses the old, giving way to the new in the endless changes of all life forms in the universe. When our body can no longer serve us in this reality, the spirit (soul, subtle body, whatever) leaves it and goes to another reality, where it can stay as long as it wants in unity with everything that exists, or be reborn in another form of life, who knows?

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