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  1. Well, you want to do this and that by feeling. Neurons passed, I realized my feeling. Then I realized the consequences. I predicted everything. Then I thought, what if there's a chance? That is, a person can look into the future with the same neurons, but at the same time they weigh them, and what if my forecasts are not correct? You can't predict everything for sure. What if there are no consequences? Or will they? Or won't it? And the neurons are boiling, quarreling. In general, I (and not only) have long been interested in the question of what a thought is. That's in essence, in form, in essence, in content, in matter. But no one really knows this, so with T. Z. philosophies and the like, there's unlikely to be an answer, at this point in time.

  2. The conflict of mind and feeling means that a person is aware of their own powerlessness in trying to control their feelings. It is difficult for a person to accept that physiological processes affect his condition much more than intelligence. That it looks like a boat without a sail and oars in the middle of the ocean.

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