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  1. The main theme of this novel is the heroic struggle of the Russian people against the French invaders. But along with the main theme, Lev Nikolaevich raised many global problems and solved them with such depth that I can call this novel a textbook of life. What moral questions did Lev Nikolaevich answer? These are the problems of the relationship between the individual and society, the role of the individual in history, false and true patriotism. This work is steeped in love for the Motherland, pride in its past. As I read this novel, I can see how spirit and courage are shown in the fight against enemies. The people defended their homeland not only at the front, but also joined partisan detachments that smashed the enemy in the rear. The” club ” of the people's war rose up with all its formidable and majestic strength and nailed the French until it defeated the entire invasion. I think that Tolstoy's novel became the greatest monument to the heroes of the events of 1812, which took a worthy place in the history of our country. After reading this novel, I realized that everyone should have a purpose in life. In his work, Tolstoy showed that each of his positive characters is looking for their own meaning in life and finds it. Not always their search came across the right path. Live first of all and do what your heart desires, the main thing is truly loved. Leo Tolstoy's novel teaches me to distinguish between true and false patriotism. I realized that true patriots are those people who do their work unnoticed, sometimes without suspecting that they have accomplished a feat. When the war broke out, not all members of secular society took part in the drama of military operations. The author speaks with irony about these people who introduced a fine into French. For these people, patriotism consists in idle idle talk. Mercilessly Tolstoy exposes their cowardice.The novel teaches me to understand what true beauty is, and to understand this, I compare Helene to Maria Bolkonskaya. Lev Nikolaevich portrays Helen as a brilliant beauty, but her inner world is beggarly poor. But Princess Mary, not being a beauty, is endowed with all the spiritual human qualities. Tolstoy says that true beauty lies in the soul, in the generous human heart. For him, spiritual beauty is more important than external beauty. And I totally agree with that. In the novel, I also learn what love is, what true friendship is. I also became more familiar with the feeling of love. The author says that love is a feeling that is experienced by difficulties. After going through all the trials and suffering, Natasha only then realizes that she loved only Andrey Bolkonsky. In the work, Tolstoy exposes careerists, including Boris Drubetskoy. Using the low qualities of his soul, this person is looking for influential acquaintances, the goal of his life is to break through the career ladder. He rejects marrying Natasha Rostova, as it would be the downfall of his career. Tolstoy condemns such people. This novel made me think about the problems of friendship, loyalty, and moral issues that each person must solve for himself. In our difficult time, when all values are being reviewed, we need a clean source from which to draw the most sacred, the most unblemished, the most bright. I believe Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace is one of these sources.

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