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  1. If you learn poems by heart every day, your vocabulary and memory will be replenished, you will be able to talk intelligently and you will be praised for being very smart(this is just my version).

  2. It depends on what kind of poems. If you teach any modern “poets,” I'll stone you in the street. And if it will be classics from Pushkin to the same Brodsky( unfortunately or fortunately, so beloved by schoolgirls and schoolchildren), then this is fine. Mayakovsky, Shakespeare, Dante, Homer, In my opinion. That's one of the things that comes to mind right away. I would also like to recommend Vladimir Burich and the poems of Bukovsky, just read them at least.�
    Also, foreign works will help in the study of in. I think it's good if you have someone who can explain the meaning of well-established expressions. You will learn them and be able to use them in communication or build the necessary phrases based on them.�
    Well, yes, improve your memory, vocabulary, sense of taste, you will be able to use aphorisms, women will like you if you use it correctly and at the right time, and it is also possible that you will get smarter, although this did not happen to me.

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