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  1. For those who drink alcohol and like to have fun, these games are suitable:

    1. Birpong is an alcoholic game in which 2 teams line up glasses of alcohol in a pyramid and throw a ping-pong ball across the table, aiming to hit the glass standing at the other end of this table. If the ball hits the opponent's glass, then one of the players of this team must drink. The team that “eliminated” the opponent's glasses first is considered the winner

    2. Mulabar is a cool party game for iPhone (on the App Store). Mulabar already has a bunch of ready-made questions and tasks that you need to complete or drink if you can't. There you will need to slap your face, break eggs on your forehead, answer all sorts of intimate questions, and so on. We played by ourselves last weekend and it was very liberating for everyone and in general it was mega fun to do tasks!)�

    3. Flipcap – 2 players stand opposite each other at the table, lining up glasses of alcohol along the table. The game starts and players simultaneously drink alcohol from the first glass and put the glass on the edge of the table so that part of the table sticks out. Next, you need to hit the part of the glass that protrudes from the table with your finger, so that the glass stands on the table bottom down. After that, the player can move on to the next glass. The winner is the one who first empties his glasses and throws all the glasses upside down

    1. A bottle. Sit in a circle, take out a bottle of something, put it on its side and spin it. I think you'll know what happens next. Moreover, the rules can be changed and kissing is absolutely optional.�
      You can even use an unopened champagne bottle. The one who gets shot is the one who loses.

    2. “the word on the forehead” or “guess who“. The game consists of one person coming up with a name for another (it can be “raccoon”, “washing machine”, that is, anything). This is recorded on a self-adhesive sticker and attached to the person's forehead. That's what everyone does. as a result, everyone should see the labels on their friends ' stickers, but they don't know what they have. Next — the most interesting part: leading questions are asked in turn, such as “living-inanimate”,” edible-inedible”, etc. The one who guesses himself last loses. You can also change the rules.

    3. Cities? Well, why not? We usually expand the list to all geographical objects, then the game becomes more interesting and you can safely answer” Irkutsk “with” Kuril Islands”! 🙂

    4. If there'sTwister-canvas, then you can try it. I think you know the rules.

    5. Mafia. Here, too, everything is quite simple, the rules can be modified for greater interest.

    6. I don't know what this game is called or if it exists at all, but there is an experience of such a pastime: everyone takes turns saying “I'm going to do it now. And if I can't, I'll have to do this.” For example, your friend should hit a flower vase with a pencil from n-th distance, and if he doesn't do this, he should change into women's clothes or shout something obscene out of the window (but I don't approve of this).

    7.�The sculptor. For this contest, you will need plasticine. The task of the contest is to fashion an object out of plasticine to match the letter that a friend has made. The winner is the one who is the best or funniest blind, and the creation will be “recognizable”.

    1. Painting. You will need a multiple of three pieces of paper (for convenience, take 30). Divide them into three equal piles (i.e. 10 pieces each), on the first write the noun / pronoun, on the second — the verb, and on the third again существительное noun/pronoun. The pieces of paper in each individual stack are mixed and placed face down. Everyone takes turns picking up from the first pile, from the second and from the third, adding them up and getting, say, “fox, helicopter, quadcopter”. Now the player only needs to draw the existing sequence. Preferably as funny as possible.

    2. Well, various types of board games — cards, dominoes, checkers, chess, darts. This is if there are props and a desire to play. You can get undressed (and after a stormy night, you can also get dressed).

  2. If the party is a drinker , I can suggest a good old game. We call it “Bears”. Champagne is poured into the basin, the players sit down at the table, and take turns passing the basin clockwise. Each player drinks a glass of champagne and adds a glass of cognac to it. When the liquid in the basin turns brown, everyone climbs under the table and shouts: “The brown bear has come!”. Then they sit back down and continue playing, drinking cognac and refilling champagne. When the liquid turns white, all the remaining sane people climb under the table and shout: “The polar bear has come!”. Then they climb back out and begin to consume the champagne again, topping up the cognac. Actions are repeated cyclically. The winner is the last survivor after the next arrival of the bear. The main thing is to get back to the table.

  3. If you want activity and competitions, then the most standard ones are:Activation and Alias(not just the original versions). Slightly more interesting of these – Equivocs.

    Jenga for contemplation and concentration.�

    Svintus is a great card option.


    I wanted to write a Game of Thrones, Colonizers, etc., but they are not very suitable for a party.

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