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  1. Art is a conversation of many people among themselves, through the years, through distances. Replicas in this conversation are works of art. What does it take for something to become such a replica? You need to be heard by those who participate (or will participate) in this conversation, you need to be understood by them, so that they include your remark in the conversation and take into account the fact of its existence in the future. You need this remark to tell you something new that you haven't said before. It is necessary that it should be connected with what was said earlier, follow from it and develop, becoming the foundation for further conversation (although this is no longer necessary, the replica can also close some conversation branch, put an end to it). It is not necessary, but it is desirable to know the language in which the discussion is taking place, although it is purely hypothetical that you can shoot like this. What is the subject being discussed? Subjective human experience.

    From here, you can move on to two adjacent questions:



    All art is a single whole, since the subject of discussion is the same. Different types of art are like different branches of discussion, but these are subtopics from the main line.

    These can be thought of as trees, where each art form is a separate tree. Some trees wither, new saplings appear next to some, some branches are still alive and regularly covered with fresh foliage, while others are no longer. But these are all trees of the same forest.

    Handicraft differs from art in that it does not participate in this conversation. These are lines whose authors did not apply for this participation, or lines that did not receive attention. This is the muttering of a person who looks into the room from the outside. where the discussion is being held. It's like artificial flowers that look natural if you don't look closely.

  2. The question is too broad. For me, in general, art is a new view for me, the perception of the world through the perception of others. But separately… Too many varieties. I'll take the most common ones (I won't take music, I don't understand the classics, I don't consider modern “screams” as art): painting, literature, cinema. This is my opinion, I will just express it. Painting develops in a good sense of the word. Even on the Internet, new names are constantly appearing, and the works of artists are amazing. At least the Moscow artist Dasha Vorobyova-this is similar to a phenomenon in painting. Gadzhievs, and many others… Cinema, as it was born, is already dying out. Some new forms will come. And now – or children's infinite universes with half-assed supermen, or commercial profanity, or “elite cinema” – a spectacle about nothing, with an attempt at philosophy, in fact, just to remove something, underpants, or a semblance of a film, it does not matter. Searches are underway, but impressive results are not yet visible. We need the concept of a new movie, and not the “I see it this way” of another great one, but not understood. And literature. There is also a search for new topics, mostly shocking. New “classics” are being brought to light . The question of how contemporary writers such as Pelevin, Glukhovsky and others will be perceived in the future has recently been discussed here… So it was said – “modern writers”! Well, there are no objections. And I was reminded of one of the last good films (no longer new) – “Texas Blood Money”. The hero of Leguizamo says to the co-worker-sucker, schmuck and loser-Petya, do you know what your grandchildren will say about you? Тот The one (perplexed) – “?”. – НИЧЕГО NOTHING. Somewhere like this. From time to time, the world's literary community explodes with the discovery of another “literary genius” from Turkey, Israel, and Serbia. It's not even funny. For the last 30-40 years, NOT a SINGLE writer has been even a good one. But this can't be happening. Somewhere they are. But they write to the table, because there is no need for them. Probably, humanity still has enough of what it already has.

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