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  1. I've also been thinking about Inner Mongolia for quite some time. I remember the episode with the new Russians at the campfire and their conversations about the eternal buzz. So this Mongolia seems to me a source of absolute light and excitement, which are already embedded inside us, since we are nothing more than a projection of the absolute and the creators of the universe (at this stage, you need to be careful, as there is a chance to go into solipsism). Inner Mongolia is something that a person who has realized emptiness should return to, I really want to say “the beginning of all beginnings”, but can something that is infinite and that has always existed have a time frame? In Pelevin's “T” (I advise you to read it, since in this text you can draw interesting parallels with “Chapaev and the Void”), the Optina Desert topos correlates with Mongolia.

  2. Pelevin himself said that the idea about inner Mongolia arose after reading the novel “Autocrat of the Desert”by Leonid Yuzefovich. Also there is one of the characters Baron Jungern whose image is taken from the Russian General Roman Fedorovich Ungern.

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