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  1. It is in painting that a masterpiece is distinguished by a skilful presentation of color from the point of view of:

    – perception (composition, because the rhythm in the picture is created not only by large volumes, but also by color accents)

    – technical skills (pictorial style -its development and writing technique (the ability to connect color and light), selected materials)

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    Any masterpiece is a form-forming picture that gives an impetus to a whole direction in painting. It is innovative in terms of performance techniques, and this technique is also adopted by other masters. But if they copy the same plot in it-this is considered theft, and if they perform different plots in the same technique and transform the style – they have the potential to create another formative work, but only under the condition of another round of complication of the technique.

    An excellent example is cubism and its three stages: Cezanne, then Picasso's cubism and the last synthetic stage. Some authors have lived through several styles in their biographies, some are carriers of one and developed only it. Just as there are, for example, artists who specialize only in book graphics, and someone on murals in temples, someone on oil landscapes, someone went to 3d graphics in the cinema, and all of them could be classmates during their studies. The medium (material) in which the work is performed is not so important as it is important for adult authors to have their own style, brand techniques, and themes that distinguish them from other authors. Individuality is something that master teachers develop in students during their studies. After all, a work of art at all times, although performed according to the rules, but you can not find a person who loves scarlet sunsets to fall in love with a still life of blue forget-me-nots. While studying, we had to be able to draw and write everything, but what to do with education after that is a personal matter. The main thing is not to break the professional laws of performance: keep the composition.

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