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  1. A. P. Chekhov was a subtle psychologist and described his characters very accurately, but briefly, so when reading his works, you need to pay great attention to details.

    Before us is the story of the zemstvo doctor Startsev (the profession of a doctor emphasizes the kindness and desire of the hero to make the world a better place), who falls in love with Ekaterina Ivanovna. Her family calls her a Cat, and this is already her shallow nature. She offers to meet him at the cemetery, but does not come, and the next day rejects his feelings. For her, this was just a good joke, but Startsev was deeply wounded. In that very cemetery, the human, spiritual part of Startsev is dying. Further, we see that he starts working hard, and not because of a high goal, but for the sake of money.

    Further in the description of the hero, attention is paid only to his material wealth. A few years later, the hero meets a Cat, but without a fleur of love, he sees in her only a mediocre pianist.

    Startsev, a man with high ideals and humanity for all people, turns into a money-obsessed Ionich. Yes, you can call it a degradation of the soul, but it happened not because of the hero's nature itself, but under the influence of the environment, the influence of people who rejected his feelings.

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