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  1. A genius can do something on the edge (at the limit) of human capabilities, very few people can repeat it.

    Talent can do something better than very many people, nothing more.

    Anyone can become a Genius – with proper / optimal training, which is not yet available.

  2. Genius is one percent talent and 99% hard labor. W. A. Mozart was made a brilliant composer by his father. At the age of 4, Mozart was already composing his own music.

  3. I will give you not my own opinion, but what the writer Jack Kerouac said about this.:

    “Some of the virtuoso musicians can play Brahms, and they will be called a genius, but the genius, the original power, really belongs to Brahms; a virtuoso violinist is just a talented interpreter-in other words, a talent. Or you might hear people say that someone is a “significant writer” because they have a ” talent.” There can be no significant writers without innate genius. Genius artists like Jackson Pollock have written things that no one could have imagined before… Let's take the example of James Joyce: people say that he “squandered” his “talent” by following the “stream of consciousness”, but in reality he was just born to create it.”

    Genius creates, talent distributes. You can read the rest in the article below, which is exactly how they differ, not just about writers.


  4. A talented person hits a target that no one can hit, a genius hits a target that no one can see. I don't remember who wrote the phrase.

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