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  1. There are 3 markers that denote an ethnic group: the principle of blood, the principle of land, and the principle of language.

    Making a distinction

    ethnos – as a cultural category

    nation – as a civil (political) category.

    Lecture fragment by Leonid Savinov, Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Administration of SIU RANEPA, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration of SIU RANEPA

    Ethnic and national: the problem of terminology

  2. An ethnos ( ethnic community) is a stable intergenerational group of people living on the same territory and united by one language, culture, way of life and realizing itself as a single ethnic community, separate from others. There are several categories highlighted

    Gender is the simplest variant in which identity is based on blood relationship.

    A tribe is an association of several clans that speak the same language or dialect of an existing language and share a common material and spiritual culture(religious beliefs, rituals, etc.).

    A nation is a more complex entity that consists of a large community of people (usually several tribes that have become a single community as a result of long cultural exchange) living on the same territory, speaking the same language, and sharing a common culture.

    Ethnicity is the ability of an ethnic group to recognize itself as a single ethnic community, based on a common history, culture, territory, etc.

    A nation is a more complex and complex concept that has several definitions.

    in the civil interpretation, a nation is a supra-ethnic community of citizens of one state.�

    In the ethnic interpretation, a nation is a mono-ethnic community assembled from several ethnic groups into a single people, united by a common language, culture, traditions and historical memory. In fact, the highest form of ethnic community.

    The key difference between a nation and an ethnic group is that it is more politicized. Unlike the people, the nation functions within the borders of its state and the general socio-economic field, has political subjectivity and implements it.

  3. Ethnicity is a property of an ethnic group, its ability to differ from other ethnic groups. Ethnos and nationality are synonymous (in Russian, in Western countries, nationality is the same as citizenship). In addition to the cultural component, a nation has a political and economic component. (Russians – ethnic group, nationality, Russians – nation).

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