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  1. I can only assume that the coffin is a metaphor, but not alcoholism or unrestrained passion for prostitution, no))

    They say about some people: “he does not live, but exists” or they call him “walking corpses”, like a living one, but he has no interests, no opinions, nothing, only he exists, and his daily routine is routine.

    I mean, before you become like this, something has to happen to him, that is, to a person. But here it is already for everyone their own. Someone will be cut down by the loss of money, and the death of a loved one will not hurt, and someone will be so upset by the divorce that they will want to live and so on.

    The coffin symbolizes “something”, some kind of life situation, something that will kill the “spirit” in it, entangle it, and after spiritual decline, the body also dies.

    Why do I think this is such a metaphor? In my defense, I want to say the following. The coffin is a key subject of the epic . It is found, it is used, it affects the character. This for example could be armor…..” Ilya tried on and he did not fit, and Svyatogor put on and immediately petrified..” But the semantics of the word “armor” is to protect, to protect. But the coffin is a symbol of death. That's why I think the coffin is a metaphor for what can kill a person morally, and then physically.

    P.S. Do you remember what I said about alcoholism and addictive prostitution? Extremes are bad. Keep the middle ground. Get addicted to prostitutes only when you drink and you will be happy, yes!

    …Just kidding, no. � Lead a healthy lifestyle; -)

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