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  1. In short, the “concept of the author's death” states that the author's personality and biography, as well as the historical situation around the author, the time of writing the work, etc., have no significance for the analysis of the work.

    Let me explain with an example. Cervantes. Don Quixote. It was conceived as a parody of a modern knight's novel. Since in the 21st century no one read chivalrous novels except Don Quixote himself, this novel became famous not as a parody, but as a chivalrous novel, and its absurdities like a pelvis instead of a helmet were reinterpreted in a dramatic way. They say that Don Quixote dreams of being a knight, but time does not allow him, which made the half-witted hidalgo almost the light of humanity.

    Proponents of the concept of the author's death argue that this is the fate of any work, so you should not know who wrote it.

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