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  1. Everything has already been said and even a link is given to old questions.

    The camera does not make an exact copy of reality.�

    Even if you take only the technique, here are three photos, all of them reflect reality. Which one does it correctly?�

    Artists ' paintings are all a representation of the artist's impression of reality, not reality itself.

  2. The artist does not convey exactly , he conveys the picture as he sees this picture, and sometimes he takes this picture from his mind . In general, he conveys his soul through the canvas .

  3. Because the artist, in fact, has more means for self-expression. The camera takes pictures of reality (Photoshop with a bunch of gadgets is already a photo artist's tool), and the artist conveys thoughts and feelings through images.

  4. The point of visual art is not to capture reality clearly. More precisely, once the meaning was in this, it concerns portraits, realism. Such styles as cubism, Impressionism, abstractivism and others do not reflect reality. But they reflect the artist's view of things, his skill, feelings, and imagination. All skills are appreciated, because not everyone can do this, not everyone is given a talent.

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