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  1. Maria warmed everyone with her warmth and affection. I felt sorry for Lisa, who was afraid of giving birth, and then replaced the mother for the son of Andrey and Lisa.I forgave my father for his old ways, and then I forgave him. In Leo Tolstoy's book, only the best can forgive and sympathize with others. That's what Maria Balkonskaya was like

  2. This is the antipode of Helen Kuragina and one of the ideals of the feminine essence for Tolstoy. His novel is a cosmos of types, characters, various life positions and philosophies. On one pole – the bustling metropolitan “light”, on the other – Pierre, Marie, Andrey, Natasha.

  3. Princess Mary gives an absolutely correct definition to Prince Andrew: “You are a good person, Andryusha, but there is some pride of spirit in you , and this is a sin” Marya in the novel always sees people accurately and gives them definitions. Maybe that's her role.

  4. What is the role? I guess a good novel should be just like real life. There must be different people. So in “War and Peace” – ognevushka-poskakushka Natasha Rostova, the quiet Sonya, the vicious beauty Helene, the awkward Julie, and the ugly, but with a rich inner world, Princess Mary. I need to reread it, by the way. Remember.

  5. Somehow I didn't think that characters can have a role.For me, they just exist and are already good or bad. This is how the author managed and the reader was able to understand. V and M I like Tolstoy's most of all .Read it, who hasn't read it – you won't regret it .

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