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  1. Samuel L Jackson's Pulp Fiction Monologue is amazing

    “The path of the righteous is difficult, for it is hindered by the selfish and the tyranny of evil people. Blessed is the shepherd who, in the name of mercy and kindness, leads the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is the one who truly cares for his neighbors. And I will take great vengeance on them with fierce punishments against those who plan to poison and injure my brothers, and you will know that my name is the Lord when my vengeance falls on you.”


  2. Finale of the film ” Oil ” (There will be blood). It's gorgeous.
    https://vk.com/video?q=%D0%A4%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0%BB%20%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BC%D0%B0%20%22%D0%9D%D0%B5%D1%84%D1%82%D1%8C%22%20(There%20will%20be%20blood)&z=video25513621_170214792 – it is better to watch the link segment in VK, there is 10min, not 7, as ниже:www.youtube.com/embed/0qRyfSAd8qg?wmode=opaque

    American Crime Story Season 2 The Assassination of Gianni Versace Episode 2 Easy Lover


  3. You stand on the shore and feel the salty smell of the wind that blows from the sea. And you believe that you are free, and life has just begun. And a tear-soaked kiss burns her friend's lips.

    • I haven't been to the sea…

    • Okay, don't fill it up! Never seen the sea?

    • I didn't have a chance, I wasn't there…

    • Hm. We've already knocked on the door to heaven, got high on tequila, and literally walked ourselves to our last destination. You haven't been to the sea yet.”�

    • I didn't have time, it didn't work out

    • Didn't you know that there's no place in heaven without it? Understand, in the sky they only talk about the sea. How infinitely beautiful it is. About the sunset they saw. About how the sun, sinking into the waves, turned scarlet like blood. And the sea absorbed the energy of the luminary, and the sun was tamed.�

    And you? What will you tell them?” You've never been to the sea.�
    They'll call you a sucker up there.

    Excerpt from your favorite movie “Reach for heaven”.

  4. My favorite monologue from the second part of “kill Bill”, says Bill in conversation with Biatrix Kido:

    The main characteristic of superhero mythology is that there is a superhero and there is his alter ego.

    Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man is Peter Parker. When he wakes up in the morning, he's Peter Parker.

    To become Spider-Man, he must wear a suit. And it is in this sense that Superman stands apart.

    He didn't become Superman, he was born Superman. When Superman wakes up, he's already Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent.

    His leotard with that big red S is the cloth he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him.

    These are his clothes. What Kent is wearing is glasses, a business jacket is a suit. The costume that Superman wears to

    blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman sees us. And what is the characterization of Clark Kent? He's weak,

    he's not sure of himself… He's a coward. Clark Kent is Superman's rebuke to the entire human race.

  5. Tyrion Lannister was remembered here, and I was immediately reminded of Jaime Lannister and his confession to Brienne about the day he was called the Kingslayer. -�https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTxjGUh5oOM

    And from my favorite “Seven Psychopaths”

    “- As Gandhi used to say…

    “You two are alternately Gandhi and Jesus Christ!”

    — …”An eye for an eye, and the whole world will go blind,” and I believe it with all my heart.

    “No, I'm not. There's still only one eye left. How can a blind man take an eye off the last guy who still has one eye? All this guy has to do is run away and hide behind a bush. Gandhi was wrong! It's just that no one has the guts to come out and say it.”

    “- Hands up!

    – no…

    “But I have a gun!”

    — So what…

    — But how so?”

    “Well, that's it!”

  6. I didn't have to think long about the answer. My favorite monologue came in the final scene from Blade Runner. I think this is the best scene in the whole movie.


    “I've seen things that you people just won't believe. Assault ships on fire on the approaches to Orion. I watched the C-rays flicker in the darkness near the Tannhauser Gate. All these moments will disappear in time, like tears in the rain. It's time to die.”

  7. In the film “Formula of Love” almost every dialogue. For example,�: “- It would be good to heal with herbs. Decoction of chamomile, mint… Do you have mint in Italy?
    — Well, where did the mint come from in Italy? I saw their Italy on a map: boot to boot, and that's it.”

  8. I'm reminded of a bar scene from the movie Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino, who is known to be a master of dialogue scenes. Also scenes from “Mad Dogs” and of course “Pulp Fiction”.

  9. Not the most, but one of:
    “We're young. It's normal for us to get drunk sometimes, behave badly, and fuck each other. We are designed for parties. Just like that. Yes, some of us do not know the measure and fly off the rails. But Charles Darwin said, ” You can't make an omelette without breaking a couple of eggs.” And that's what I'm telling you. Broken eggs. Like eggs smashed into some fucking cocktail. Just look at yourself… You're breaking my heart. You're wearing cardigans. But we had everything. We fucked up worse than all the previous generations put together! We were so beautiful… We did some fucking, I did some fucking, and I plan to do some fucking when I'm 20 and maybe when I'm 30. And I'm going to fuck my own mother before… Or someone else. Just try to ban me.” “Garbage.

  10. I have from Solaris, Snout's monologue.�

    “Science? Nonsense! In this situation, mediocrity and genius are equally helpless. I must tell you that we don't want to conquer any Space at all. We want to expand the Land to its borders. We don't know what to do with other worlds. We don't need other worlds! We need a mirror. We struggle with the contact and will never find it. We are in the stupid position of a person who is rushing to a goal that he fears, which he does not need. A man needs a man…”


    When I watched the film for the first time (and it was at the age of 14), it was a real revelation for me.

  11. A dog carcass in an alley in the morning, a tire mark on a torn belly.

    This city is afraid of me. I saw his true face. The streets are an extension of the gutters, and the gutters are filled with blood, and when the drains are completely clogged, all this filth will start to sink.

    When the accumulated filth of lust and murder foams up to their waists, all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, ” Save us!” I'll whisper, ” No.”

    Now the whole world is standing on the edge, looking down into the fucking inferno. All these liberals, intellectuals-sweet-voiced talkers and for some reason, suddenly, no one knows what to say.

    This terrible city is below me. He screams like a slaughterhouse full of retarded children, and the night reeks of fornication and a guilty conscience.

    Monologue of “Rorschach” from the movie “Keepers”.

    Something like “any” city in Russia.

  12. It doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet:

    “Damn it, we work hard in factories and restaurants, bend our backs in offices. We are teased by advertising clothes, we work in the shit to buy the shit we don't need. We are stepsons of history guys, we are not in demand, neither for the great war nor the great depression. Our war is a spiritual war, our depression is our destiny. Television has instilled in us the belief that we will all become millionaires, movie stars, and Rock ' N ' Roll stars. It's all a lie, and we're starting to realize it. And it infuriates everyone.”

  13. I can't get an excerpt from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind straight out of my head: “You were standing by the water's edge, and I saw you from afar. I remember being drawn to you right away. I thought: how strange it is that a man's back is turned, and I am drawn to him.

  14. — If I say that love is not an invention of humanity, it is a tangible quantity, it is a force, it must mean something.

    “Love matters, yes. Social benefits: social connections, parenting…

    — We love people who have died. What is the public benefit of this?

    “None at all…

    — Maybe there's more to love than we can understand yet. Maybe it's evidence of something… an artifact of some other dimension that we cannot comprehend. And I'm drawn across the universe to a person I haven't seen in 10 years and who may already be dead. <…> Maybe we should trust her, even though we don't understand her essence?


  15. Quote from the legendary movie <In ” means a Vendetta>>>:

    Voila! Here is a vaudeville veteran, who was given the roles of fiends and victims by an all-powerful fate. This image is not made up by arrogance. He is a vague memory, a vox populi that is now burned out, dead. Having assumed a magnificent appearance, the reproofer, who was banished forever by rumor, returned, swearing to remove all manifestations of the filth of his selfish, unscrupulous, ignorant power! He had given her the only possible verdict — a Vendetta, and he had sworn to do it, and zeal would be rewarded, because loyalty, morality, and courage always prevail.


  16. Johnny Pound's monologue from Guy Ritchie's Rock ' n ' Roll about cigarettes. It seems nothing special, but how beautifully it is described, and if you think about how much he describes in these simple words.

    “Everything you need to know about life in these four cardboard walls. Note that one side of your personality is tempted by illusory grandeur: a healthy gold tutu with the royal coat of arms — an attractive hint of glamour and wealth. We are subtly hinted that cigarettes are our loyal and noble friends, but this is not true. Another part of your personality draws attention to the other side of the question: it says in bold text, in black and white, that these neat little “soldiers of death” really want to kill you… and it's true. Oh, that seductive call of death. How can you resist her sweet whisper? Sweet things always turn bitter, and everything bitter will always turn sweet. That's why you and I love drugs, and that's why, Pete, I can't get the painting back. Now, please pass the lighter.”

  17. My favorite movie is “Schindler's List”, it was able to touch me to the core of my soul. Thanks to him, I realized that no matter what happens, you must always remain a person.
    And here's the passage I started crying over.

    I ask you to observe three minutes of silence in memory of the countless victims of your people.�

    • Thank you, Yereth.�

    • Thank you, Yereth. Thank you, Yereth… Open it a little wider… Thank you, Yereth. As soon as peace comes, distribute the cloth to workers of 2.5 meters per person and a bottle of vodka. They know its value and won't drink it. The cigarettes we got out were divided equally among everyone. Everything will be done as you said.�

    • We wrote a letter trying to explain everything in case you were arrested. It is signed by your employees. Thanks. This is a quote from the Hebrew Talmud. It says, ” He who saves one life saves the whole world.”�

    • I could have saved even more… ..could have saved so much more if only I could… I could do even more…�

    • Oscar, 1,100 people are alive because of you. Look at them.�

    • If only I had more money… I squandered that much money… You can't even imagine… If only I could…”�

    • Thanks to what you did… entire generations will be preserved.�

    • I didn't do enough…�

    • You've done so much…

    • This car… Would Geth buy it? Why do I need it? I would have saved ten people… Ten people… Another 10 people… This icon represents two people. It is made of gold – 2 more people. Geth would have given me two more for it, at least one. He would have given me one, one more, one more person… ..man, Stern for this nonsense… I… could… save one more person and didn't do it didn't do it didn't do it…


    • And how long did they give you?
    • Eternity.
    • Oooh. That's a long time. What could you possibly have done?”
    • I … I sold my soul.
    • And what did you get in return?
    • I didn't get anything.
    • In my opinion, this is a lousy deal.
    • And they don't ask you.
    • You can't really sell your soul.
    • Really? And why?
    • Because it doesn't belong to you. Didn't you know?
    • Who does it belong to?
    • To God, of course

    Blinded by Desire (2000)

  18. – Did you shoot yourself?”

    “Yes, but it's not a big deal. Marla, look at me, I'm fine. Trust me, everything will be fine now.

    We met at a strange time in my life.

  19. All dialogues and monologues� GG from “God Bless America”. The film is a bit “Leon”, похож similar to a good series of”Black Mirror”. Favorite movie, and the movie theater scene is just awesome. I advise you to take a look.

  20. I really like Rust Cole from True Detective. A well-written, dark, but charismatic character:

    I believe that human consciousness is a huge mistake of evolution. We began to dig into ourselves, and a part of nature was isolated from it. We are creatures that, according to the laws of nature, should not exist… We are beings consumed by the illusion of individuality, an appendage of sensory experience and feelings. We are programmed that each person is a person. But in reality, we are nobody… The best thing we can do as a species is resist programming. Refuse to reproduce. Join hands and die out. One night, at midnight, we will live together in a brotherly way.

    If the only thing that keeps a person within the bounds of decency is the expectation of a divine reward, then that person is a piece of shit.

    People are so naive that they would rather throw a coin into the wishing well than buy food for themselves.

    No one knows how to forgive. It's just that people have short memories.

    Every corpse in life was sure that it was something more than a bunch of needs. Useless work of a tired mind. The clash of desire and ignorance. People… I've seen the end of a thousand lifetimes. Young, old. They were all so sure of their own existence, that their sensory experiences made them unique individuals. With a purpose, meaning. They were so sure that they weren't biological puppets. But the truth cannot be hidden, and everyone sees everything when the end comes. The veil falls.

    Look the victim in the eye, at least in the photo. It doesn't matter if they're dead or alive, they can be read. And you know what's in there? They are happy to die. Not immediately, but at the last moment. They are glad to be relieved, because they were afraid, and then for the first time saw how easy it is to end fear. They saw, saw in the last split second, who they were. They saw that they themselves had played out the whole drama, which was just a pathetic mixture of arrogance and lack of will. But this can be done with. To understand that you shouldn't have held on to life like that. To realize that all your life, all your love, hate, memory, and pain are all the same, all one dream. The dream you had in the locked room. The dream that you were… a human being.

  21. I love the short dialogue from The Clinic :

    • Are you an idiot?�

    • No, sir, I'm a dreamer.�

    It seems like such a trifle and stupidity, but going with such a philosophy in life, you stop thinking about criticism and other people's opinions)

  22. My Favorite Dialogue from the anime “Death Note” –

    “Your time has come, Light. I told you, at the very beginning of our acquaintance, that the day will come when I will write you down in my notebook. This is a rule that applies to the God of Death, who gave the death note to the human world and the person who first picked it up. If you go to jail, who knows when you'll die. To be honest, I don't feel like waiting… It's all over with you, so die here. I have to tell you, I had quite a good time with your company, and sometimes I even had fun.”

  23. “The game immediately resumed.
    Pure happiness . Rough , natural,
    and volcanic. That was the best part . Better
    drugs, better heroin . Better than
    dope, coke, crack , dope, hashish, marijuana,
    cannabis, acid , LSD and ecstasy. Better than
    sex, fellatio, gangbang, masturbation,
    tantrism, Kama Sutra, “Thai cart”.
    Better than peanut butter, banana
    milkshake . Better than a trilogy
    George Lucas . Better than the whole Maped
    Show , than the end of 2001 . Better than
    hip-wagging Marilyn, Lara Croft,
    Naomi Campbell, and Better than a mole
    Cindy Crawford . Better than a Hendrix solo ,
    than Neil Armstrong's footsteps on the moon, than
    dancing around the Christmas tree, than Bill's condition
    Gates . Better than all the Dalai Lama's trances,
    than all Schwarzenegger's testosterone shots
    , and Pamella Anderson's collagen lips .
    Better than Woodstock and orgasmic raves.
    Better than the glitches of De Sade, Rimbaud , Morrison and
    Castaneda. Better than freedom . Better than
    life !”

    From the movie “Fall in Love with Me if You Dare”

  24. I love Tarantino for his lively dialogues about everyday things. One of the best dialogues for me was at the very beginning of pulp fiction.

    Vincent: It's a little off there. I mean, it's exactly the same there as it is here, just a little different.
    Vincent: Do you know what they call a quarter-pound cheeseburger in Paris?
    Jules: What, they don't call him a quarter-pound cheeseburger?
    Vincent: They have a metric system there. They don't even know what the hell a quarter of a pound is.
    JULES: And what do they call him?
    Vincent: They call it the Royal Cheeseburger.
    Jules: A Royal cheeseburger? Then what do they call “Big Mac”?
    Vincent: “Big Mac” is “Big Mac”, only they call it “Le Big Mac”.

  25. And I really like the investigator's monologue from playing the victim:�http://www.youtube.com

    well played. very good movie

    and also (of course) classics: Tarantino's dialogue from “mad dogs” about the song of Madonna, and in general the whole scene

  26. You can collect them for a couple of hundred, since I am an avid movie fan, but these three came to mind first)

    1) ” Fighting Fish “(1983 )
    “You see, Russell, we keep seeing people who don't see the world like most people, but they're not crazy. Understand, non-standard perception is not yet crazy, although sometimes it leads to it. Your mom isn't crazy, and your brother isn't crazy, contrary to popular belief, but he's just a character in another play. He was born at the wrong time, on the wrong side of the river. He could have achieved anything he wanted, but… he doesn't know WHAT to wish for. There's a vacuum all around.

    • I hope that when I get older, I'll be just like him

    • God forbid.”�

    2) This is a dialogue from the movie “Their first night”(2011), when the main character is sitting in the bathroom. It's quite long, I didn't find it on YouTube. I think it describes the state of clinical depression very accurately.�

    3) Dialogue from the film “Prairie Dogs” (1997). Insanely touching moment where a little girl says goodbye forever to her friend

    “- And how did that fairy tale end?

    • The girl ran away, she ran and ran until she was home

    • House… Tell me where this house is, Devon

    • Home in my palms”


  27. The Big Lebowski ,of course!

    Dude: – It was a valuable carpet.

    Walter: “It was…

    Dude: – Yes, the carpet set the style of the whole room. Yes, it was valuable…

    Donny: “Who set the style?”

    Dude: – My carpet.

    Walter: “Did you hear what the Dude said, Donny?”

    DONNY: “What?”

    Walter: “Did you hear what the Dude said, Donny?”

    Donny: “I was throwing a ball.

    Walter: “Well, don't get involved, Donny. You're like a little kid, you come in the middle of a movie and start asking questions…

    Dude: “Walter, what are you talking about?”

    Walter: — That doesn't fucking make sense, man. What the fuck…

    DONNY: “Yes, Walter, what do you mean?”

    Dude: “Walter, what's this about?” It's clear to everyone who's to blame, what the fuck are you talking about?

    WALTER: “Huh? No, what the fuck are you talking about? That's not the point. It's about unmotivated aggression.

    DONNIE: “What the fuck are you talking about?”

    Dude: – About my carpet.

    Walter: “Donny, stay out of it.

    Dude: “Walter, I can't send a bill to a Chinese guy who peed on my carpet. What the fuck is there to discuss?

    Walter: – What the fuck is there to discuss? This isn't about the Chinese guy, man. We are talking about a line, a border that cannot be crossed. Also, refrain from using the term “Chinese”. Please call him ” Asian-American.”

    Dude: “Walter, he didn't build railroads here, this guy…

    Walter: “What the fuck's that got to do with it?”

    Dude: “He just peed on my carpet.”

    Donnie: “He peed on the guy's carpet.”

    Walter: “Donny, don't get involved! Dude, this isn't about the Chinese guy.

    DONNY: – And about whom?

    Walter — – Jeff Lebowski. The other is Jeffrey Lebowski, a millionaire.

    Dude: – Fuck. Fucking interesting.

    Walter: “He's a well-to-do guy with a lot of opportunities, so I don't know why the fuck his wife is running around town, borrowing money, and then they come in and piss on your fucking carpet.” Isn't that right?

    Dude: – No.

    Walter: Isn't that right?

    Dude: – Yes, but…

    Walter: Of course, yes. The carpet set the style for the whole room, didn't it?

    Dude: That's fucking right.

    Donny: “And he pissed on it.”

    Walter: “Donny, calm down.

    Dude: – You know, I can find that faggot Lebowski.

    DONNY: “His last name is Lebowski?” [Laughs] Just like you, man.

    Dude: – Here he is, and fucking pay for the dirty carpet. His wife owes half the city, and they peed on my carpet?

    Walter: “And the carpet was fucking pissed on you.”

    Dude: – And the carpet was fucking pissed on me.

    Walter: “That's Right, Man. They fucking pissed on your carpet.


    As well as great dialogue from your favorite comedy “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”


  28. Monologue in “The King Speaks!” between George 6 and Lionel in the throne room. His cry of “I have a voice!” still sticks in my memory. The film is really worthwhile, it can be broken down into monologues

  29. Personally, my favorite dialogue is between the Creature and Victor Frankenstein in Sea of Ice.This is just a film adaptation of Mary Shelley's book((1994,”Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, directed by Kenneth Branagh) but I haven't read the book(but I will read it soon,because I think this story is simply brilliant – in fact, it is a parable that even those who want to help humanity in some way,desperate idealists, when they lose their minds and completely give themselves up to their passions, can do much more harm than good.Nietzsche's phrase – “Anyone who fights monsters should be careful not to become a monster himself”), so I quote the dialogue from the film.I didn't see any other film adaptations,but this one was quite enough for me,according to my impression(although the old film adaptations may be better)I don't know if the original book version was changed by the screenwriters of the film,but the dialogue (like the whole story in principle)touches me to the core:

    Creature: Get up.

    Victor Frankenstein: Can you talk?

    C: Yes, I can. And read it, too. And think. And I know the ways of men.

    WF: How did you find me?

    S: Your diary.

    WF: So you want to kill me. You killed my brother, didn't you?

    S: I took him by the throat with one hand, lifted him into the air, and slowly crushed his throat. When I killed him, I saw your face. You gave me all these feelings. But he didn't teach me how to use them. Now two of them are dead because of us.

    WF: Something is happening in my soul. I don't understand it.

    S: What about my soul? Do I have it? Or did you miss this detail? Who were all these people whose parts you assembled me from? Good ones? Bad ones?

    WF: Just stuff, nothing.

    S : You're wrong. Do you know I can play the flute? What part of me has this skill in me? In these hands? In the brain? In the heart? I can read and write.But I didn't study. I just remembered.

    WF: Fragments of memory in the brain, probably…

    S: Have you thought about the consequences of your actions? You gave me life, and then you left me to die. Who am I?

    WF: You?I don't know…

    S: And you think I'm evil?

    WF: What should I do?

    S : I have one wish. I need a companion. Woman. Just like me. So that she doesn't hate me.

    WF: The same? You don't know what you're asking.

    S : I understand. I need the sympathy of a loved one. Then I'd leave everyone alone. I have so much love inside of me that you can't even imagine. And more rage than you've ever seen.And if I am not satisfied with one of these feelings…then I will completely give free rein to the other.

    WF: And if I agree, how will you live?

    S : We will go north, to the Pole. Where no man has ever set foot. And there we will wait for our end. Inaccessible to the human eye. It'll be like this, I swear. You have to help me. You are welcome.

    In general,as far as I remember,Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was the first book written in the genre of science fiction.How cool are trailblazers, after all)

    Favorite monologue, perhaps, from Stalker Tarkovsky :

    Stalker: Let what is planned come true. Let them believe it. And let them laugh at their own passions; for what they call passion is not really the soul's energy, but only the friction between the soul and the outside world. And most importantly, let them believe in themselves and become helpless, like children, because weakness is great, and strength is insignificant… When a person is born, he is weak and flexible, when he dies, he is strong and callous. When a tree grows, it is tender and flexible, and when it is dry and hard, it dies. Callousness and strength are the companions of death, flexibility and weakness express the freshness of being. Therefore, what is solidified will not win.

    Also a film adaptation(by the Strugatskys),I also don't know what the original text is.But the film is wonderful,and so is this monologue.

  30. “Where have you been before?”?Where have you been before??Do you know what they gave us here?They already owe us)

    (c) Boomer

    The rest is necessary so that the response is at least 140 characters long.

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  32. LOL, why no one wrote about Trainspotting(choose life..and so on.)
    More about Rorschach( And when this arrogance foams they'll call for help and I'll whisper no to them)

  33. My favorite dialogue in cinema is a dialogue that was never included in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”. The moment when Bunsha and Georges Miloslavsky get to the royal feast, Ivan Vasilyevich shouts: “At whose expense is the banquet? Who will pay for all this?”. In the film, Georges responds: “I don't know; not us, anyway.” But in fact, the dialogue should have sounded like this: “At whose expense is the banquet? Who will pay for this?”. “The people will pay for everything, Your Majesty.”

  34. Any of the dialogues between Anakin and Padme from Star Wars. These are just masterpieces) In particular about sand: “I don't like sand, it's rough, hard, unpleasant and climbs everywhere.”

  35. Listen to yourself, you fool. There are hundreds of people alive, hundreds…
    You have a conscience,don't you?
    “Dim, they're nothing to us.
    – Masha, my dear, go away. Can't you see that I hate you right now? Don't you understand that we live like pigs and die like pigs just because we're nothing to each other?

    movie “The Fool”

    • Why are you looking so hard at your watch?

    • A watch? Ahh, I wanted to know the time…I'm just Kira!

    My most favorite moment from the best anime “Death Note”.

  36. Soviet film adaptation of “War and Peace” (60s). Pierre Bezukhov in captivity (according to the book, this is volume 4, and according to the film, probably part 4)�

    “A soldier wouldn't let me in. They locked me up. I'm being held captive. Whom? Me? My immortal soul…?”�

    This video is in VK, called “Pierre on the immortal soul”. I get goosebumps. I am grateful to both Tolstoy and the director for the fact that this monologue exists.

  37. “Mysterious Forest”, 2004. The scene where, on Ivy's front porch, Lucius tells her for the first time about his feelings, which he has always hidden. Very touching dialogue, and in the Russian dubbing it also sounds great thanks to the slightly outdated manner of utterances of the main characters.

    A: – When we get married, will we dance? I find dancing cute fun. It's not good to hide your thoughts like you do…
    L.: – But you always give away your thoughts. Why do you lead when I must lead? If I want to dance — I'll take you to the dance. If I want to talk , I'll open my mouth and talk. What am I always being forced to do? What's the use of admitting that I've been thinking about you since I woke up? And that it makes things fall out of hand in the morning, and my head is not full of anything at all. Do you really need to know that I only feel fear when you're not around? That is why I am at your house before all others, and I am afraid for you. And yes, I will dance with you at our wedding.

  38. I even have a poster with this trainspotting quote on it:

    Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a large-screen TV. Choose a washing machine, a music system, a car, and an electric can opener. Choose a healthy stomach, teeth, and health insurance. Choose a property and pay your dues carefully. Choose your first home. Choose your friends. Choose resorts and fancy suitcases. Choose a three-piece suit in the best company from the most expensive material. On your day off, choose a couch to lounge on and watch a mind-numbing show. Fill your belly with stuff. Choose to rot, in the end, and remember with shame the scum you pawned to get out yourself. Choose your future. Choose life. But why do I need all this? I didn't choose life, I chose something else. Why? Yes, nor why. What can be the “why” when there is heroin.

    Source: http://quote-citation.com/film/3494

  39. Coriolanus ' dialogue with the rabble in the film of the same name and, accordingly, Shakespeare's work. I was very impressed. Once my girlfriend asked me to read poetry and I just gave it away)))

  40. I like the monologue about the indifferent in the movie “Afonya”.


    This is a paraphrase from the book”The Conspiracy of the Indifferent” by Bruno Jasensky (in the epigraph, he quotes these words in a slightly different form):

    Don't be afraid of your enemies – at worst, they can kill you. Don't be afraid of your friends – in the worst case, they can betray you. Fear the indifferent – they do not kill or betray, but only with their tacit consent does betrayal and murder exist on earth.

  41. “Cards, Money, two guns”, Tolstoy Tom's monologue (first scene of the film):

    Those who believe, fly in, those who are greedy, run away. We separate the flies from the cutlets,and those who believe me from those who don't. For you, a fresh product, and for us – a solid navarchik. A product without a flaw, a product without deception, reliable as a spring from a sofa. Made by Italian craftsmen. Stolen by English thieves. It's as long as my arm, but I wish everything was as long. Do not think that once the boxes are sealed, they are empty. Only the undertaker will sell you empty boxes. Move your left or right foot here, the rest will go by itself, this is called walking. This is for your wife, this is for a stranger, it will be good if you are not caught with another. Don't stand there like a schoolboy at a brothel. It's not stolen, it just wasn't paid for. Those who don't make it in time today will regret it very much tomorrow. If you wait a long time, I'll have time to sell everything. Anyone who doesn't have cash will cry indecently.

    Brick's Monologue from Snatch:

    If you are going to carry a corpse in one piece, you will always have problems. The best thing you can do with it is to break it up into 6 pieces, and put them in a pile. And when you break it up into 6 pieces, that's when you can get rid of it. Just do not hide the pieces in the refrigerator, so as not to frighten my mother. In general, I've heard that the best way is to feed the corpse to the pigs. The pigs need to be left without food for a few days, and then they will eat the dismembered corpse for a sweet soul. But in order for the meat to be well digested, you must first shave the corpse's head and pull out all the teeth. Of course, this can be done later, but who wants to pick the victim's teeth out of pig shit? And they can eat the bones without any problems. In order to get rid of one corpse at a time, you need at least 16 pigs, so beware of pig farm owners. A 200-pound pig's body will be devoured in about eight minutes. This means that one pig eats 2 pounds of raw meat per minute. This is where the proverb comes from-greedy as a pig.

  42. I was immediately reminded of the movie “Only Girls in Jazz”:

    “I'm a man!”

    – Everyone has their own shortcomings.�

    Take a look, you won't regret it if you haven't seen this movie before =)

  43. From the film “Down House”

    “Ha! I remember-I remember washing your fucking ass on the streams in Baden-Baden!

    “Wait, but I wouldn't be in Baden-Baden!

    “Where were you?”


    “Ha! I remember-I remember, I washed your shitty ass on the streams in Nice!

  44. Beloved because it is close to me.�

    If you mix mashed potatoes and sauce, you can no longer separate them. It's forever. The smoke comes out of Dad's cigarette, but it doesn't come back in. You can't turn back time. That's why it's so hard to choose. We need to make the right choice. Until the choice is made, everything is possible. (Nemo is Nobody. Mr. Nobody)

  45. I have a childhood movie, or rather 2 of them. This is “Brother” and, accordingly, “Brat2″ and I perfectly remembered the moment when Danila was climbing the stairs and reading the poem:” I found out that I have a huge family. And the path, and the forest, in the field every spikelet! This is my homeland! I love everything in the world!”

  46. – A man destroyed his family, kicked his wife and child out of the house!

    “What a child! I'm an officer!

    “Kicked out my wife and an officer!”

    And many other dialogues from the same Munchausen. Great movie 🙂

  47. Monologue from “Portraying the victim” – one of the really good, by the way, Russian films youtu.be

    They knew how and wanted to make a really touching movie once…

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