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  1. Definitely negative. Truly good, high-quality films are drowned in an endless stream of slag from such geniuses as Sarik Andreasyan (Defenders of What men do), Zhora Kryzhovnikov (Gorko, Gorko 2, The best Day) and so on. And the saddest thing is that these vomit-filled non-comedies will be consistently sponsored and shown in theaters for a long time to come. And all because people go, thereby bringing money to these projects. Someone goes to laugh at stupidity, someone goes because they like such films (and believe me, there are many of them in our country), someone goes to make sure that this is feces, and Russian cinema is completely fucked. There are many reasons, but the fact remains that people go and watch. If there is a demand, there is also a supply, so you will see this shame for at least another ten years. I don't say anything about how much money is allocated for films by the Kino Foundation.�

    In short, everything is sad.

    In general, I recommend you to get acquainted with the work of Evgeny Bazhenov “BadComediana”, which just deals with the analysis of films of domestic film departments.

  2. Russian cinema is at a good European level, and our directors (Zvyagintsev, Konchalovsky, German Jr., Sokurov) are often nominated for various prestigious European awards and even win them. As Anton Dolin said in an interview, don't compare us to Hollywood, which makes entertainment content for the whole world. It should be understood that every year there are 1-2 Russian films that are popular, and the same situation is in Germany, Italy, and France. This is excellent.

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