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  1. Art becomes such starting from the very process of creation – creation, as an act of rethinking and presenting reality in an artistic/lyrical/poetic form, etc.

    Art conveys thought; it is the transmission of the author's own emotions, an attempt to influence the viewer.

    With the help of means of expression, an effect is achieved – a message received by the viewer from the author, including not only a feeling of bright emotions or ideas, but also a meditative effect when the viewer is resting, coming into contact with an art object.

    Art is made art through the process of creativity and the skill, technique and knowledge invested in it, as well as through the process of public perception and cultural significance.

  2. Art (le Beaux arts), as a part of creativity (les arts), appeared quite recently, in order to highlight the most “high” types of creativity from the whole variety of human activities.�

    If we talk about why people refer to certain works as art, then most likely it depends on the recognition of the work by the general public or the professional community.

    The most important function of art is to comprehend and reflect the modern reality in which the artist lives.

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    Art is a pencil drawing, starting from a cube and a ball and ending with a person in any angle. Further, art is working with color, when shapes are painted. The next stage is to repeat the works of artists that you like. Then you learn different formal compositional techniques from different authors and move on to the next stage – choosing interesting subjects and adding them up from a large selection of shapes and colors.

    That's all… but the functions of art are very different: from informing to metaphysical. There is literature on the theory of art about this.

    I hope my answer was useful to you!

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  4. Nowadays, ” art ” makes money out of art. In order to create, for example, a canvas, today you don't even need brushes, enemas are enough. In order to show a new ballet, in my opinion, it is enough to release drunks on stage.

    Art, in my opinion, is something that makes you feel the inner strength or emotion of the author.

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