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  1. In essence, art is a product of self-expression, like dancing or singing, playing an instrument, plasticizing lines or composing shapes. Speaking of visual art, it eventually takes on a material form and even a digital one. And, of course, it does not always carry any direct meaning that is clear to any viewer.

    Oh, very often, a person creates because it is necessary for him to realize the accumulated emotions, reflection, energy. In this case, it may not make any sense. Otherwise, the author implements the idea. This is where mindfulness of action comes into play. And the final product becomes a continuation of the creator, namely, it translates the embedded idea. As a result, art is a great tool for dialogue with the audience. Whether you want to be understood by the masses or only by a true connoisseur, whether you want to work for the consumer or for the story is up to you. The main question you need to ask yourself is what your goal is. <3

  2. I can only say about fiction.

    Literature is a story about the known, a narrative about the desired, the preservation and transmission of valuable things.

  3. Art makes visible what Nature hides. The artist, poet, and composer can see certain hidden things that underlie and define the” visible world”. In other words, they are somewhat exposed to the essence of things under their deceptive appearance. Works of art help people see, understand, and feel something, which is why a small painting can cost a fortune.

    This, of course, is not about all the variety of “masterpieces” that are commonly called art in our time, but about authentic art that pleases true connoisseurs from century to century.

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