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  1. Well-oooh-oooh-oooh the most memorable ones for me:

    • “As for the rest, Carthage must be destroyed,” was the phrase Cato the Elder used to end ALL his speeches in the Senate. Perhaps a good way to remind everyone about a particular problem.�

    • “When they are silent, they shout,” Cicero said when he demanded that his political opponent, Catiline, go into exile for overstepping her authority. A deathly silence reigned in the Senate, which the brilliant orator used to his advantage by declaring it a sign of agreement�

    • “Stupidity or treachery!?” – From the speech of the head of the Cadets Milyukov.

    • “The first sip from a glass of natural science makes you an atheist, but God is waiting at the bottom of the glass” – a beautiful quote about the reconciliation of science and religion from Nobel laureate Heisenberg

    • God himself is bringing it into my hands – I can't guarantee the accuracy of the quotation. This (or a very similar one) was uttered by William the conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, commenting on the actions of the enemy. Subsequently, it was quoted at meetings by one of Darwin's supporters, when his opponent in the debate on evolution also made a debating error �

    Well, it would be unsportsmanlike to quote Chernomyrdin's dimensionless citation book)

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