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  1. One of my favorite podcasts is “Art for Boys”. Also, of course, the Arzamas project has great podcasts. I recommend the podcasts “Why I saw this” (about painting) and ” From Chorus to Hardcore “(about the history of British music).

    If we talk about lectures, Synchronization has good online courses. They have a free course on “Art History in Ten masterpieces”. These are fifteen-minute lessons on every period of European art-from Greek antiquity to modern art and performance art. The course is short, but very interesting.

    From the books I can recommend the series” Fundamentals of Art “published by AdMarginem-these are a kind of” guides ” on topics and directions in the visual arts.

  2. I really like the series of lectures by Irina Kulik “Unsymmetric similarities”. In each lecture, there are two artists who are opposite or close in spirit.(available on the GARAGEMCA channel). I also recommend Spectate about contemporary art, REVKULT-a YouTube channel, there is also a website in VK (as they call themselves “youth countercultural media project”, they publish articles about cinema, philosophy, translate and create videos), Cinemarxism (mainly in VK, talks about films, clips, TV series about Marxists, revolutionaries, workers ' struggle…)

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