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  1. Yes, many.

    You can't easily catch a fish out of a pond (=work is good).
    Horses will die from work (=labor is bad).

    Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends (=money is not the main thing).
    Better a small ruble than a big thank you (=money is the main thing).

    Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness (=knowledge is good).
    There is a lot of sadness in a lot of knowledge (=knowledge is bad).

    If you get up early, God gives it to you (=you can count on God's help).
    Hope for God, but do not be bad yourself (=you should not count on God's help).


  2. Because sayings do not have the function of teaching/teaching – they are a brief summary of a typical situation and a means of verifying mutual understanding of the participants in the process.

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