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  1. http://www.youtube.com/embed/S7jcFrbcloo?wmode=opaque

    For those who enjoyed the first season of True Detective, for those who believe that ❝each of us feels like we are someone. But in reality, we are no one❞, enjoy the book “Brain science and the myth of the Self. Ego Tunnel

    The book is a scientific review of the current state of experimental research on the phenomenon of consciousness.
    The irony is that although Rasta's words (in the video) may sound like philosophical nonsense to you, they are the best generalization of the available experimental data to date. They are true, but not as literally as you probably understood them. Not in a broad sense, but in a very specific sense related to the neurophysiology of the brain and the philosophy of subjectivity. If you are interested in more details, then read this book.

    But I warn you: if you read it, you risk becoming exactly the same depressive pessimist as Rust. It is possible that you will envy people who live in blissful ignorance, can not compare the results of neurocognitive experiments and are spared these inevitable conclusions. And you won't tell anyone about these things — just out of charity. This is also obvious to Rust, which is why when Martin asks him to keep quiet about this nonsense at a family dinner, Rust replies in surprise “” Of course, I'm not some kind of maniac!”

    PS: By the way, the idea that the emergence of consciousness in humans is a sad failure in the evolutionary sense is developed in a cool science fiction book “False Blindness ” / “Blindsight”, which is largely based on the same results that are reviewed in the”Ego Tunnel”.

    P. P. S.: Metzinger is still pushing things too hard. For balance, read something more moderate. Like “Brain and Soul” by Chris Frith.

  2. A conversation about the philosophy of Rust Cole should start with the works of Thomas Ligotti, who is often called the Lovecraft of our time. His “Conspiracy against the Human Race” fits the theme well.

    No less significant for Cole's views are the works of Emil Cioran. Probably the most pessimistic philosopher of the last century.

    Well, where is there without the philosophical treatises of existentialists, like Sartre, Camus. And Nietzsche's work, of course.

    You can also include Eugene Tucker with his “Horror of Philosophy”. And for that matter, the works of David Benatar can't hurt either

    In general, this is enough to get acquainted with the philosophy of our hero

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