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  1. here the question is not related to the language. nations that write in hieroglyphs are characterized by right-hemisphere thinking-associations. Alphabetic peoples-left hemisphere (logic)

  2. I suspect it's just genetics:

    the right-handedness gene is dominant, the left-handedness gene is recessive

    We get half of our genes from Mom and half from Dad. In order to get left-handed, it is necessary that both left-handedness and left-handedness come from there, but if there is right-handedness on at least one side, it will be right-handed. (But he/she will have left-handedness in his / her genes – if he / she meets the same partner, there is a 25% chance that the child will be left-handed, if he / she meets a left-handed person, there is a 50% chance)

    Children of a pure (unadulterated) right-handed person and a pure left-handed person will be right-handed – all of them!

  3. I quote the words of Olg Tolstov quoting the words of Duran:

    “I really like” sketch ” Duran (vk.com) on this occasion:

    close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting at a desk and then the head teacher brings a new student to the class. which side did he enter from?

    on the right. the class entrance is always on the right

    why is the class entrance always on the right? because there are usually windows on the left

    why are class windows always on the left? because the light should fall from the left

    why should the light fall from the left? because the light on the notebook should not be blocked by the writing hand, and most students are right-handed

    why are most students right-handed? because people are mostly right-handed

    why are people mostly right-handed? because in the right hand since ancient times held a sword

    why was the sword held in the right hand? because the left one held a shield

    why was the shield held in the left hand? because the shield protected the most valuable thing – the heart, and it is on the left

    it turns out that the newcomer entered from the right, because you have a heart on the left. so it turns out that new people come into your life from the side where you don't have a heart. let's come up with a funny chase for the newbie!”

    (c) Duran

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