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  1. The Bible surprisingly reflects the correct answers to the main questions of human existence. This phenomenon has been described many times and has a special name, but I forget what it is. Let's take the same cat for example (hello to Schrodinger) and put it, for example, in a box with everything necessary for a cat's life. Let him live there as long as he likes, in defiance of quantum mechanics. Let's call the savages with tambourines to the box and tell them that there is a divine being inside. Savages will start banging tom-toms and dancing around the box, but-attention! It will take some time and they will begin to describe to each other the creature inside the box as four-legged, fluffy and with a tail. It is phenomenal, but it will be so, there are precedents. Why am I doing this? And to the tree, too. Somehow, we round savages managed to understand the reason for our own intelligence, understand it correctly and reflect it in mythology. Yes, it's all about the tree and its fruit. A person has acquired intelligence due to a genetic fluctuation that allows him, a person, to drink alcohol, and, therefore, to accelerate mental processes to limits inaccessible to other animals. The fruit of knowledge, therefore, is a wine berry that has ripened to the formation of ethanol. After eating it, elephants and giraffes spat and went on, while the human ancestor got high and wanted more. He drifted away into the world of dreams and fantasies, read, acquired intelligence.

  2. The word “leila “is not a Russian word meaning”night” in Russian. Night is not a living soul , but a phenomenon of the inanimate world. Day and night in Hebrew are two words of antonyms.yom and layla, that is, day and night.

  3. God is a person who has freedom of choice.

    Man is created in the image and likeness of God, which means that he is also endowed with this ability.

    If there were only the tree of life, a person would have no choice, and therefore no freedom.

  4. Take for example a person who wants to drive a car.Is one wish enough?Of course not .It is necessary to acquire knowledge and practice.That's what the driving school is for.Only after he passes the exams for the rules and driving,he gets the right to drive a car.And if he doesn't pass the exam,he just won't get the right to drive.And we believe that this is correct,as it is related to the health and life of people.We can see the consequences when these rules are violated.So GOD, creating man, gave him the opportunity to prove his right to life.He was supposed to be the father of all mankind, so GOD had every right to demand full obedience from him.Not only did his life depend on it, but the life and well-being of the entire human race depended on it.GOD granted eternal life to man,to him and to his descendants, on condition that they observe the laws established for him.Only in this way did he and his descendants have the right to live.

  5. The answer is found in the description of creation in the first and second chapters of Genesis. The first chapter in which the Creator did not create the earth and everything on it alone, but in the co-creation of Elohim. In the original Hebrew, Elohim Gods is plural. The first human couple was created in the image and likeness of God. That is, this pair was created on the same day on the 6th, and this indicates that they were, although of different sexes, but twins. Brother and sister, despite their direct relationship, were blessed by God to be fruitful and multiply. Because they thus preserved their ancestral origin in the image and likeness of God! In addition, this couple was given to the domination of the entire earth and all the flora and fauna. And the food was blessed with vegetable food without forbidden fruits. This is a grass that sows seeds (wheat, millet, oats, and other cereals). And also the fruit of the trees that have seed that soweth on the earth. Note that there is no mention of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil. After completing His creation on the seventh day, God, in co-creation with Elohim, decided to take a break from His labors. And on the eighth day, that is, on the same day as the first day of the second week and chapter two, this new Creation does not duplicate the first and the new Creator. This is the Lord God, although it is more correct to call her a Goddess, since the number 2 in this text is the second chapter, this is the number of the Hebrew female letter Beth. And Adam was created by the Goddess Lady God. Hint that this is the Moon, we proichitaem at the beginning of the third chapter. in the words of the text about the rain that did not send the Lord God. And to send the rains is in the power of the Moon, which is in charge of the rains ( and floods and floods ) too. The first day of the week is controlled by the Moon on Monday. So on Monday, Mrs. Bognya decided to plant a garden in Eden. And then I decided to create an employee to handle its security. Starting to solve her plan, Lady God took the dust of the earth as a building source material to create a person from the dust of the earth. The word dust is synonymous with death. And where could the dust come from if no one had died yet, since mortal man had not been created. To answer this question, you need to know the Jewish covenant custom of circumcision on the 8th day from the birth of a male baby. That is, on the eighth day after creation, the ritual of circumcision of the foreskin of the firstborn of a pair of twins created in the image and likeness of God was performed. And after that, just before sunset, the circumcised foreskin should be buried in the ground. So much for dust from the ground, the genetic material to create a clone of Adam. When Adam was created and lived until he was 13 years old when he should also be circumcised but on the seventh day and in the 13th year. when puberty occurs. And when the Lady God brought the animals to Adam to test his intelligence because he had eaten their foreskin dust, it was necessary to make sure that Adam had intelligence. Adam gave names to all the animals, but he couldn't find a suitable match. Then the Lady God circumcised in the thirteenth year, ( as in the case of Muslims) and from his boundless flesh genetically separated Adam's DNA from the 23 sex pairs of chromosomes in the blood, the X chromosome (this is female), and created a woman Adam Eve. Adam's clone sister. But Eve was unfaithful to her Adam, and the Ophiuchus Pharaoh of Egypt knew her before Adam. Assimilating with an earthly woman, the mutagenic form of neither the Pharaohs was born the son of God and not from the earthly Adam in its pure form, but the middle form of which neither Elohim nor the Lord God planned

  6. God is a weird dude. Read the New Testament, there is a lot of nonsense and just even interesting to think about) my favorite is still in the Old Testament, at the very beginning, they say God lived in paradise, lived, lived but did not grieve, and then suddenly decided to create Adam for himself. Just because it got boring, for myself) Few people know that before Eve there was another lady – Lilith, which Adam did not check out, and she herself was a bitch ( then she just flew away), and after all, we all know that God, by definition, can not create anything NOT perfect, and then it seems like it turns out that he was wrong. The most ridiculous thing is to hear from a believer the theory that God created Eve from the anatomical rib of Adam. “So, I take the rib from you, it will mutate, turn into a girl, and you somehow live like this, it seems, and you will have a second one”, in the eyes of many Christians with whom I spoke, it looked something like this. You should have seen their eyes when I swore that the “rib”, in this case, acts in a figurative sense. For example, you can use the word “face” or” side”, not in the material plan))

    Now, seriously,
    no subjective stuff.

    It is well known that the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil is a great big possibility of sin. And if Eve hadn't encouraged Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, then people would have remained in the rays of God's love and bliss. The trick is that God always wants love from his creation. And the Almighty could have created a person already programmed to love God, but this love would have already been built in, not from the heart, so to speak. And God wanted man to come to this love by his own will, so that it was a voluntary choice. They say you think about it and decide whether to love me or not (but if you don't, then you'll go to hell with me). That's what the Tree was for – to provide a person with the opportunity to choose

  7. God neither tempts nor is tempted. God is simply just, giving man the right to choose-the tree of knowledge. This is the essence of God. The person made his choice.�

    We take a kitten home and sterilize it without giving it a choice. This is the essence of man.

  8. The Garden of Eden is not a paradise , it is just a garden in which , if you stick to the literal reading, the first people lived . The tree of knowledge was created as a temptation, part of it is a test – whether a person will accept everything in order or he needs everything at once .

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