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  1. Maybe then you should switch to short stories, short stories, and then the problem with the habit will disappear. You can also try audiobooks — in this form, any volume of the work is easily perceived.

    It is still important to know the reason, the root of evil. Usually, the fault is a shallow Internet surfing that is not compatible with the deep reading process. You need more practice, read a thousand more books, and the problem will disappear.

    By the way, the passion for plot development is not the best incentive. It is better to follow the deeper matters of literature: the poetics of words, the psychology of characters, metaphors, ideas, and problems… And it is more correct to slightly abstract from the plot.

  2. I have two options.

    1. We are used to short posts on the Internet, jokes-minutes that can be read quickly and without much effort. We are slowly atrophied by the patience to read large texts, to follow the long thread of the narrative.

    2. You may be distracted while reading by an incoming email, call, or soap response. Therefore, it is difficult to keep your attention because of distractions.

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