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  1. Because that's what they do in movies. It's just that there are fewer abusive transfers. Social norms and all that. In real life, the more cultured a person is, the more obscenities they will cover up more intricately. It doesn't really depend on your nationality. 🙂

  2. what does “oh my God!”have to do with it? What about ” oh, fuck!!!”? In my opinion, this is more commonly used, although of course I may be wrong. Not all Americans are religious. But religious people can also use “Holly shit”:)

  3. Both Russians swear and non-Russians. As Maxim said, our obscene language is somewhat different, but just as a Russian may be surprised with the words “My God”,” Oh my God ” and so on, so an American may shout “fakin hell” (“fucking hell”) in surprise, and a German will say “scheisse” (“shit”). It seems to me that everything depends on the specific person and on the specific situation.

  4. I am a Russian person, but I am surprised and swear with the words ” holy hedgehogs!”, “crumple my tail!”or” fluffy cat's assholes!”. I don't think this will spoil your statistics very much, but I disagree with the fact that every Russian swears with emotion.

  5. Interesting question. We have a mate associated with genitals and sex. These are forbidden words that are not censored on TV. Among Americans, obscene language is more often associated with an insult to faith. Even ” Cheese Christ “(Jesus Christ) is translated into Russian as “damn it”. “Holi shield” (holy shit) is like “holy shit”. In short, we have a flourishing sacrilege (the devil, the devil), and they have obscenity (all sorts of “fak”, “fakin”, etc.)

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