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  1. In fact, remember, because memory is designed in such a way that new fresh impressions replace old ones, and it removes unclaimed and older memories to distant corners, “archives” them. But if there are circumstances or stimuli that can remind you of these experiences, moments, quotes, etc., the memory can “unarchive” them again.
    Perhaps someone can offer a more “scientific” explanation.

  2. It's impossible to keep everything in your head. Yes, you can develop memory,but you can transfer it to paper, for example. I always write something down in my notebook in parallel with reading. After a while, I can scroll through it, and then my thoughts related to this or that work do not disappear.

  3. Same problem, although the memory is pretty good. I can easily learn a huge number of dates and events, terms, and so on,but when it comes to remembering the names of characters from books/movies,everything is bad here. You get the impression that you haven't read or watched anything,even if it's a creation that really touched you to the core. After a while, neither the names,nor any special episodes, nor the names do not remain in my head, but it's a pity!

  4. Bad memory. But it can be developed. Mnemonics are a useful thing) and you can also try different types of reading. For example, high-speed reading, portioned reading (every day for an equal number of hours), repetitive reading (read books 2 times, so attention is focused on different things)

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