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  1. I had this idea:

    Meursault! Meursault is a French people. France surrendered – she is a mother who died, and the “People-Meursault” does not really know-today it happened or yesterday! Meursault put his mother in the poorhouse – it will be better for her there – just as France was surrendered to the Germans – it will be better that way…

    Then Meursault kills a man… why did he kill? And he killed Meursault because he needed a trial! The people need a court! Meursault says about the sun that it is the sun, only symbolically it is the sun-his own unconscious desire to be judged for his outsiderliness! And the trial takes place. And Meursault is no longer being tried for murdering a man, but for treating his mother ( France ). They judge the people – who turned out to be an outsider in their own country!

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