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  1. The answer to these questions is quite simple.

    There is no need to search for some secret meaning, everything is simple. To begin with, Stone Island was created in Ravarino in 1982 from the C. P COMPANY (originally the second line of C. P. Company, later it began to exist as a separate brand)

    The style of the jackets was similar to the clothing of a sea wolf (a patch with a compass, the ” sea ” name of the brand itself), i.e. pea jackets and jackets made of coarse fabric with hoods. What else does a football fan who spends a huge amount of time at a match need? xD

    And here is the answer to 2 of your questions: English football fans wanted to stand out , to have a certain distinctive feature( The patch on the sleeve is perfect for this situation) To put it even more simply, you had to find your own people in the crowd.

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