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  1. in order to occupy the brain. Well, or the ears, although in the end – also the brain. Plus, you can enjoy the story, direction, and game… you can think of a lot of reasons

  2. 1) Someone has a hobby, someone is looking for a sedative, someone is motivated, someone to pass the time on a boring one.

    2) to make it more fun to do business, put a movie or TV series in the background-and calmly cook jam and salt cucumbers)

  3. Movies, like books and computer games, help you escape reality for a short time. Immerse yourself in an imaginary world, forget about your routine problems.

    Perhaps when viewing the next picture, a person will discover something new, take a fresh look at this or that problem. Perhaps this film will inspire him, comfort him, or change his worldview.

  4. For the sake of fun, for the sake of gaining experience, as well as emotions. For the sake of an interesting story that makes you think about things that you usually don't think about. There are a lot of reasons and everyone has their own reasons.

  5. So that people develop their brains and get at least some pleasure from watching movies.Let's say you like Russian comedies and only want to watch them

  6. I like the idea of being inspired by situations, characters, words, and music. When, after watching a movie, you think something like: “If he could do it,I can do it.”

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