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  1. You need to decide whether you want to be a designer or an artist. Design is always a solution to some problem. The design is based on traditions, on the peculiarities of the human body, on the peculiarities of the work of consciousness, mass consciousness. A designer can't just express himself like an artist. The result of his work is always something practically useful. And that's what you need to learn. Gain experience, study other people's samples. In the course of training, when the experience of past masters is studied, it turns out that you want to do better than others, then you will have your own original style, your own inventions. To do this, you need to set a design task (problem) and solve it.

    You can be an artist without learning anything. Of course, the result in this case may not be liked by anyone other than the author, but for the artist this question is not decisive. It is important for him to express his feelings in a material form in any way. If an artist creates for a single viewer — himself, then it does not matter for him whether his work corresponds to any style. If an artist counts on a mass audience, they use their knowledge of cultural traditions, styles, materials, techniques and techniques. All this needs to be studied if you want to clearly convey an artistic idea to more people. The artist's task is to talk about their feelings or even form new feelings within themselves or within other people.

  2. Nothing will come on its own. Style is found through experimentation, imitation, and work. You are confused with inspiration and ideas that come spontaneously

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