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  1. I'm a friend, not a psychologist. alas or fortunately.

    therefore, I do not suggest that you look for some mega-deep problems.

    I just suggest you take a brief summary of your life over the past year, for example.

    what you wanted, what you got, whether you were disappointed with yourself, and what your expectations are.

    With this total, you do not need to do anything))) you just look at it to assess the real state of affairs.

    when a person's finger hurts , they only feel pain. and I suggest you see if your finger is broken or you just hurt it, or maybe you just served a banal sentence.

    And then the recommendation is even easier.

    go ahead and realize yourself.

    maybe not where you dreamed of, but where it will work.�

    you should start at least with this.

    Don't believe it, but simple actions that really have an effect work wonders.

    Today I brought one grandmother to the entrance. such a nice old lady, she says, after a stroke really can't walk – but it is necessary.

    and all around is ice, snow, mud. in general, it's a miracle that she even travels from home to the store and back.
    I did, and no, I didn't feel like a hero.

    but I felt how great it is that I walk, I'm not afraid to fall, and it's not a problem for me to walk 100 meters.
    See how simple it is?)

  2. Start with body care. A depleted nervous system contributes to the disorder of the whole organism as a whole, especially with regard to the psyche and its lability. Basically, this is treated primarily by the sleep regime – the establishment of clear sleep-wake cycles. Nutrition, moderate physical activity, and as much distance from sources of stress as possible. Remember that the biochemical processes that occur in your brain and beyond are involved in shaping your mood. Therefore, do not undermine the system by carelessly treating it. Let me remind you once again about the importance of sleep hygiene and its clear expression in the regime.

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