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  1. The discomfort is not caused by the feeling that you have forgotten something, but by the anxiety that you might have forgotten something important. That is, the real cause of stress is not forgetfulness or absent-mindedness, but anxiety.

    The installation should be something like this: I don't care what I forget at home or at work. Nothing important that I can spend this day / evening without, either there or there, I can not forget. I'll come and get it tomorrow.

    With this setup, you will stop worrying – and periodically any person leaves or loses something.

  2. The brain can't cope with stress, so it gets confused, tries to process too much information, and as a result, short-term memory suffers. Stress for the brain and nervous system as a whole can be not only some negative experiences, but in general the saturation of impressions. Try to get more rest, relax at the end of the day. If you are worried about leaving the iron or kettle on, then just walk around the apartment and take a picture on your phone before leaving, and if you feel that you have forgotten something, calmly review the photo and calm down.

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