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  1. “Glycine” is a drug that is known for its effectiveness in weakening brain activity. People may have decreased concentration, memory loss, and the learning process is very difficult. In these and other cases, the drug “Glycine”is used. However, this is not the only tool that helps to effectively improve brain function, strengthen memory and concentration.

    The drug “Noopept” is also very effective. This remedy improves memory, increases brain activity, dulls the feeling of anxiety, reduces irritability.

    The Memoplant tool. Improves blood supply to the brain, improves memory, increases learning abilities, enhances the ability to concentrate, eliminates dizziness.

    In general, these drugs, which are designed to improve brain activity, can still be called nootropics. In addition, they are called cognitive stimulants and have a complex effect on the functioning of the central nervous system. In general, such drugs are used not only after reaching a certain age, but also with certain health features, after severe traumatic brain injuries. They help to improve memory, enhance perception, clarity of consciousness, prevent mental disorders, help to overcome neuropsychiatric weaknesses.

  2. To improve memory and attention, you need neurocognitive training, proper work and rest routines, and various sports, including complex-coordinated ones. All this is proven to contribute to the formation of new neural connections, the growth of a number of parts of the frontal and temporal cortex.
    There is no evidence base for nootropics for healthy people. They work as temporary psychostimulants.
    Medications are needed only in cases of cognitive disorders diagnosed by special methods. And it's not a notropil.

  3. Hello!

    To improve memory and concentration, drugs from the group of nootropics help. They improve cerebral circulation and the transmission of nerve impulses between brain cells. As a result, brain performance increases, memory and concentration improve.

  4. There is a lack of understanding of the basics of the action of some drugs.

    If there is a pathology in the brain, then nootropics will help. If there is no pathology, then they will not help.

    The brain does not hurt, no one can tell whether there are problems there or not. Therefore, someone accepts and helps, and does not help another.

    And more.

    Imagine that an athlete will eat sports nutrition, but at the same time stop playing sports completely. How do you think your muscles will grow? Of course not.

    So is attention and memory – you shouldn't rely on drugs alone.

    You need to study.

    And memory is multi-faceted.

  5. There is still phenibut. Although all mild nootropics need to be taken in grams for the effect.

    In general, you can not take a course of pills and “get smarter”. Any course of medication should be accompanied by increased brain work – problem solving, memorization, movement control, etc. In addition, even the most harmless piracetam when taken for a long time can cause side effects, not to mention really powerful things.

  6. I took nootropics when I was still at school, after a concussion. The result was very pronounced. Later, I took these pills before any exams. Not always helped, because the lack of knowledge in the head nootropil does not compensate)))

  7. Nootropil or Piracetam

    Phenotropil is sooo effective, but it should be taken strictly according to the instructions

    You can also use extra extracts of plants (ginseng, rhodiola, Eleutherococcus, gingo biloba…)

  8. Phenotropil, phenibut,nootropil, eleutherococcus extract are good.But recently I discovered Semax nasal drops.It is worth taking a course of 3-5 days(0.1%).They are also prescribed to patients who have had a stroke(1%)

  9. And why are you so categorical about glycine??))It also happens to be different…some of them may not have helped. then you should try another one, because the tool is effective and harmless-and this is rare now. I myself took glycine forte to improve mental activity(I ordered it in the online store Fitomarket), but from the add.means-tinctures on eleutherococcus and clover. Ugh, ugh, memory and attention really got better, and at work they praise you now…so I advise you to try this therapy)

  10. I advise you to look for an article in the Encyclopedia Patologica, it clearly describes that nootropics have no effectiveness. Well, of course, you can use various “drugs”to get some kind of cheerfulness effect and be able to increase productivity, but is it worth it?

  11. I tried many medications because I suffered from the same problems as the author of the question. Grandaxin made me more focused, phenibut improved my performance, mexidol balanced my sleep and wakefulness, and my memory returned to normal after noopept. Go ahead, Buddy, but don't overdo it… Bye!

  12. caffeine in tablets + l theanine, recetams, modafinil (if legal in your country), semax, noopept, phenotropil+vitamins+sources of choline(egg,choline in tablets).

    P.S. This is from personal experience, consult your doctor before taking it.

  13. The Dutch nootropics omnimind helped me. The main thing is that they are safe, like glycine, but they act more strongly. My concentration has increased, and I can focus more easily on my tasks.

  14. Noopept. Just read about it and you'll understand.

    This is an analogue of some foreign drug. Noopept was made in our scientific town in Novosibirsk. It differs from the foreign one in that there are no side effects such as insomnia and so on. It was he who helped me before the session. As a medical student, I recommend it.

  15. Nootropil (piracetam), phenibut, phenotropil.

    I put it in order of increasing the strength of the action.

    These medications should be taken strictly on prescription.

    Also, do not neglect sleep, walks in the fresh air.

  16. Yes, none at all.Not a single so-called “nootropic drug” has any serious studies on its effectiveness.All of them have only a placebo effect.

  17. Healthy sleep, daily routine, quality food, walking in the fresh air and regular mental work. Of the pills on this topic, you can only try phenibut and piracetam, but the first one may be related to alcohol, although weaker, and from piracetam increased irritability, anxiety and sleep disorders. At the same time, the positive effect in a healthy person is hardly noticeable, it is not worth it. Glycine, by the way, can only slightly reduce anxiety and is also ineffective. All this applies to a healthy person, if we are talking about recovery from diseases, there are other options, according to the doctor's prescription and different depending on the disease.

  18. Concentration and memory are improved by all nootropic drugs, in particular Nootropil, Vinpocetine, Encephabol, and Phenibut. If the first two have a slight stimulating effect, then Phenibut, on the contrary, calms down.

  19. I would advise you to read this article hereMemory properties , in addition to some simple principles of its operation, the article describes several techniques for using them, I think this can help you. If, by the way, you really care about the topic of memory, get acquainted with the biography of such a person as Joshua Forr. He is our contemporary and you can find his performances on YouTube. The guy was a journalist and came to a mnemonic competition (a specific sport in which the main task is memorization). He was amazed at how people remember the order of cards in 30 decks, reproduce the patterns of snowflakes, reproduce the chapters of books word for word… A year has passed and at the next such competition he is.. became the winner. A person has every right to give advice on this matter, which he does. check out the article, there is also an insert with his TED talk, among other things, which may be interesting for you.

  20. It is better, of course, to make a competent combination of nootropic (for example, nootropil, phenibut (preferably, especially Latvian) and/or noopept), metabolic (glycine), neuroprotective and improving cerebral circulation means (cinnarizine, semax, ginkgo biloba extract, etc.), as well as various vitamins (mainly – group B, for example, neurovitan or berocca, you can add Omega 3).

  21. * In the West * ritalin is widely distributed, it is prescribed to many children with the same frequency as vitamins or valerian in our country, it causes increased concentration, improves memory and attentiveness, it gives them cheerfulness and loses their appetite.

    We have it in the list of 1 prohibited narcotic substances, i.e. it is even a big problem to import it on prescription, its effect is compared to cocaine.

    Again, if you focus on doctors in the West, they claim that ritalin (methylphenidate) is not addictive and a short course only has a positive effect.

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