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  1. In theomism, according to the theory of potentiality, sleep is a metaphor for eternal potentiality. A dream in the sense of dreaming, which you are asking about, according to theomism and the theory of potentiality, is a dream within a dream, like a pine tree within a pine tree.

  2. This is another vivid example of how much the” ideal ” depends on the material. Just think about it, what we call “consciousness” turns into a mess every night from some vague semi-random fragments for purely biological reasons.

  3. Personally, I adhere to the psychoanalytic view of sleep as a psychic act aimed at fulfilling desires that cannot be realized in reality. But some esoteric theories are also close to me, but I'm still too bad at it. So yes, the psychoanalytic theory of sleep is the most convincing one for me right now.

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