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  1. This is a special case of Russell's paradox, better known in the form of the so-called “liar's paradox”:

    “This statement is false.”

    If a statement is found to be false, it becomes true, and vice versa. Similarly, if you recognize a dream as prophetic, it will not be prophetic, and vice versa.

    Statements with this property are not considered logical, because they cannot be confirmed or refuted by means of formal logic. In other words, they are a game of words that has no direct connection with reality.


    All this is true only when the statement is isolated, and we are not allowed to enter other statements and data into the system “by the condition of the problem” — this is usually the case in formal logic. But the question is about real life, right?

    In this case, the answer is simple: no, this dream is not prophetic. You just dreamed the truth, it happens. For example, I often dream that I have two hands.

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