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  1. Yes, in this scenario he is undoubtedly an alcoholic.

    This habit brings significant harm to the body. After each dose of alcohol consumed, a certain part of the neurons of the human brain dies irretrievably. As a result, a person becomes more stupid and his moral decomposition occurs.

    Also, alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body.

    Live soberly and be healthy!

  2. In general, different countries have different criteria for what alcoholism is. In America, addiction is considered “drinks”. If you drink a certain amount a month, you are an alcoholic. And the figures are ridiculous by Russian standards.

    In Russia, the criteria for alcoholism are also clearly formulated, Google it. One of the symptoms is the need to drink to get yourself back to normal.

    In your case, it's too early to talk about alcoholism (one hundred grams of vodka once a week). But you should check if there is a dependency already. Are you able to take a break ? For 5-6 weeks ? From my life experience, such a test makes a revolution in the consciousness of a drinker. He really begins to realize the problem. He can't explain it on his fingers. But when he tries to refrain and can't…

  3. If a person drinks a liter of beer exclusively on Saturdays, and on other days no-no, then even though I am not a doctor, I dare to say that this is never alcoholism. There is no pathological dependence here. Yes, and a liter of beer is two cans. Also clearly not a large number. So everything is normal.

  4. Whether a person is an alcoholic cannot be determined solely by the amount of alcohol consumed.

    Diagnoses of this kind are made on the basis of a large number of factors.
    For example: How much does alcohol use harm this person's loved ones? How much does it affect its performance ? The mood? How does he behave when intoxicated?

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