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  1. When I ask you to “present God”, I ask you to present something that is reproducible in interaction and cannot be reduced to something else.

    Not the laws of physics – because for them I already have the concept of “laws of physics” and I'm not going to put an equal sign between the laws of physics and God. Not conscience – for the same reason. Not the universe. Not the point. But something independent, not synonymous with any other concept and manifests itself in interaction. So far, no one has succeeded.

    To reduce all atheists to those who want to see God through their eyes is the same as “writing about religious fanatics.”

  2. I'm sure there are, since I've studied scientific research on this topic

    And this passage deserves a separate answer. Here he is, our “man of science” in all its glory. I'm sure, since there is research on this topic. Dear yogi, There are studies on the flat earth, torsion fields, young Earth creationism, and the fact that the chronology of humanity is artificially extended, and Jesus Christ and Ivan the Terrible are one and the same person (or almost so, but what difference does it make?). I believe in radio waves, because a huge number of devices work on assumptions about what they are and what they should be, if any. That is, I am literally now, typing on the keyboard, “feeling” radio waves, interacting with them exactly as predicted by the theory that postulates the existence of radio waves.

    And even if we move away from physics to literary studies, for example – it also gives me a way to interact reproducibly with the subject of my theory, I can read books and compare my experience of these books with what this or that literary critic is talking about – and thus reproduce for myself the credibility of this literary critic's theory.

    When “spiritual science” can give me a way to interact with God in a reproducible way (at least at the level of literary studies), then I will believe in God. But I doubt very much that you can do it, because you can't even quote Darwin accurately.

  3. This is not a very smart person. Faith is something that does not require proof. Otherwise, it is no longer faith, but knowledge. Any evidence of the existence or absence of God is utter nonsense.

  4. You know, the subject of God, his existence is a very personal question, if a person does not believe, why should he prove something? and returning to your question, I assure you, he himself is well aware that this is impossible, so he says so, but in general, I think it is not necessary to force people to believe in what he does not want, because the essence of religion and faith is a sincere idea that does not require proof!

  5. What's so unusual about that? Thomas is an unbeliever from the Gospel. so straightforwardly, without hesitation, I said, ” until I see him in person and put my fingers in the holes on his palms, I won't believe it.”

  6. Saying this person hopes to put you in a dead end)))

    Because it knows that you can't SHOW it)))

    And I personally don't think it's about God at all. You want to convince the person of something, but they are not going to accept your point of view.

    This is such a game.

    Question: why do YOU need this?

    Convince a person of something….

  7. Just look at how many opinions and statements about God there are, from complete denial to crazy worship, even though everyone understands that God is not knowable? For some, it is enough to know about God what is written in the holy books, and for others, a reasonable explanation is needed, as we are used to saying, a scientific justification for this phenomenon. And this happens always and in any historical time. And even in the most primitive understanding of God, you can find a grain of other understanding of God Complicating, but enriching the understanding? So we are all right, even though we need to have one truth? But it doesn't work out with God, as it does in the Human world? There is no truth about God! There is not one, but there are many thousands of which a canvas or a picture of God is woven, and if you remove not only one paint, but even a brush stroke. There will no longer be a correct understanding of God. When I tell you that I communicate with God, the reaction is predictable: as the believer said, is this pride? And a lover of scientific understanding that this is a brain tumor? But I nobly remarked that the doctors can help me if I go to the hospital during the treatment? Do you just think in patterns that you've been taught? So if I communicate with God, do I have to be his son? Although for a reasonable explanation, it is enough to understand that if God is and is our Creator, then contact between us is a Necessity! Without which it is impossible to live! And God communicates with us, and you know it, communicating “Common” truths, through saints, scientists, just smart people. And he even tries to help us, warning us not to go there, do not go here, be careful and attentive, do not marry this one, do not throw a friend out for money! It's just that God never speaks twice! And scientists explain to us that three sources are enough for a person to believe that this is true! Therefore, we call God's hints intuition, which is not required to be fulfilled. With one opinion and understanding, the existence of the world will end! Can you imagine what a horror it would be if you all believed me that I was communicating with God? And above all, it would be a tragedy for me? Who would tell me that I have a tumor, or that I'm a troeshnik and retired troeshnik? Yes, I studied so hard that I tried not to pick up a textbook, but retold what I had heard from the teacher? But wandering around the courtyards and learning about life in person? For those who have the idea that I somehow” for the bastard ” sorry, to lie in 73 years? I can say one thing: I have never met a more intelligent person than our Creator in my entire life, and I will simply keep quiet about culture and decency! Yes, and for those who think that it is I who communicate with my brain? I can give you a lot of explanations, even that up to the age of seventy, I was just like you, but contact with God changed everything! But most of all, I was struck by the fact that in my thoughts, I can think about you , that you are “stupid freaks” for the fact that you think that I have a tumor? And God, when He communicates with me, does not allow me to humiliate you! And by his example, he makes me also do without insults and inspires me that your thinking is programmed, and that you are trying to use reason and not habits? But my brain really wants to send you out of habit, but it has to restrain itself, because God does not approve of it, but you do not understand this? And that's great! Good luck! I will go for a walk, 73 years require a reasonable attitude to health, and I will wait for smart answers!

  8. Well, yes, the Bible describes such cases. More often they are still messengers of God-angels. More often in such cases, people lost their sight from the brightness of their appearance.
    On the occasion when God spoke from a cloud to the people of Israel near Mount Sinai, everyone was so afraid, including Moses, that they asked to stop this conversation and pass on all the commands through Moses.

    Personally, I do not know exactly why God did not want to send at least angels to talk to each of us personally. “What kind of animals are we that we don't understand?” – many people can think.
    Although, in this regard, the Bible contains some explanations. It says that the first people saw angels, but this did not affect their behavior.
    Many atheists say that they can be decent people even without God, but I personally have seen little evidence of these words. Usually, decent people, atheists or believers, are silent about their decency. And those who rant often have many flaws.
    But still, those who want to get any confirmation of the existence of God and His Power need to know the main thing:
    for ordinary people, there are God's predictions.
    God predicted many things long before they happened. This is stated as follows:

    “I have long declared the former things; they have come out of My mouth, and I have declared them, and suddenly I have done them, and all things have come to pass. I�knew that thou art obstinate, and�in�thy neck is an iron sinew, and�thy brow brass; therefore,�declared to you long before it came, and�showed you, you said, “my idol did it and�idol and my�sculpted my commanded it to be”. Isaiah 48: 3-5

    For example, the books of Moses contain information about the birth and execution of Jesus.
    These books are dated by scholars. You can check it out. If they were dated earlier, how could events be predicted in such detail for more than, well, at least 100 years?
    And there is a difference of 500 to 800 years.
    These events are described in sufficient detail before and after.
    Who can make such a prediction even now?

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