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  1. Business is needed at different levels:

    • it is necessary for the state to receive taxes and improve social benefits

    • we need a society that receives a variety of goods and services that increase the comfort and quality of life

    • entrepreneurs who have realized their ambitions and creative potential

    • In the global community, it is business and TNCs that raise the economies of developing countries from the bottom.

    A business is primarily about people: leaders, idea generators, customers, ordinary employees; its own ideology, a unique product.

  2. I didn't quite catch the essence of the question,if this question is directed to the average layman,then I don't think what business is for you,but what benefits it brings for you. And in principle, the main thing is a product that we are happy to consume.

    With the help of competition in business, we get more and more choice, new types of products, and prices are regulated. What benefits does it bring, makes you move, develop new areas and improve old ones?

    Sorry if I misunderstood the question)

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