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  1. I, for example, recently began to delve into affirmations. At first, I didn't quite understand how to pronounce them correctly, with what feelings and emotions. And whether to believe in them at all. Нашла статью https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5ede449c1394a14a1cc56423/slova-kotorye-meniaiut-jizn-kak-pravilno-sostavit-affirmaciiu-chtoby-ona-rabotala-5fff18a596f6d30d4cdb84b1 и воспользовалась правилами.
    I pronounce, fully delving into the meaning of what was said, paying special attention to the words. I write it down on paper (as if still physically fixing what I said) and say it several times.

    I've been saying affirmations every night for a week now before going to bed. As it seems to me, they still start to work, if you approach the process with full seriousness and believe in the meaning and that they work.
    I've just seen for myself.

  2. Affirmations will work if they are correctly composed. Affirmations should be written in an affirmative form and in the now moment. Also, they should not contain the particle “not” As a rule, in order to get results, affirmations must be applied for 1 month or more.

    Here are some examples of correct affirmations::

    • My life is getting better every day
    • I accept life with all its benefits
    • Benefits come to me from everyone and from everywhere
    • I am the source of health and well-being
    • My body is absolutely great

    And so on…

    For a detailed article about how affirmations work, follow the link: https://affirmatsii.online/kak-nuzhno-primenyat-affirmatsii-na-kazhdyy-den/

  3. I learned today from a video that affirmations need to be read 2000 times to enter the subconscious or something. And for people over 40 years of age, 4000 times. You can use one affirmation 100 times a day and it should work in 20 days

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