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  1. If stress is already in the past, this does not mean that the nervous system was able to fully recover from it. Hence, there may be problems with sleep (if everything else is in order in terms of health, as you write in the comments). I need to help her. The mildest way to do this is to drink herbal decoctions at night. In my experience, motherwort helps best. A cup at night half an hour before bedtime and in a week it will become noticeably better. It is also sold in tablets, by the way, but I prefer to brew it myself.�

    If you want faster solutions , you can drink a sedative before going to bed, for example, the same Persen, but it is better to consult a doctor.

  2. You are unlikely to contact a somnologist, so normalize your diet, drink vitamins, and do some aerobic exercise. It may sound silly to you, but start recording your dreams. They will become brighter and longer. And you'll be less tired. Have a good night's sleep

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