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  1. Very good question!

    With all due respect and professional solidarity, philosophers cannot be shown. Extraterrestrials, most likely, will have a fundamentally different picture of the world, morals, society, and therefore, neither Plato, nor Thomas Aquinas, nor Kant with Heidegger will simply be incomprehensible to them. Especially Confucius or Buddha.

    For the same reason, you should not show artists or writers. How do we know how they perceive the world? What if they don't have a sense of perspective? If they don't perceive colors? As for literature, we have big problems with the banal translation of great works from one earthly language to another, inevitably part of the author's idea is lost. How are you going to explain to the aliens all the genius of Lev Nikolaevich's description of the oak tree???

    Therefore, it is necessary to show those geniuses who have learned something that is understandable even to an unearthly mind.

    Pythagoras will do – the theorem of his name will obviously be understandable to aliens, especially if it is depicted graphically.

    For the same reason, Euclid is absolutely mandatory.

    You can also add Archimedes, his algorithm for finding the circumference of a circle (and through it – the value of the number n), although quite primitive, will be understandable to any rational being. Instead of Archimedes, we can suggest Indian or Chinese mathematicians who developed a similar method, regardless of Archimedes. So to speak, we will provide “sabotage”.

    Then there must be Descartes, but, of course, not for dualistic metaphysics, but for the coordinate system and analytical geometry.

    Then there will be Newton – both for the physical theory of gravitation and for mathematical analysis.

    And Einstein, of course. Here, probably, comments are superfluous.

  2. But this is a really interesting question. Once they arrived, we are fucked up with technology, so we will respond with philosophy and culture.
    The first person I will summon from the world of the dead will be Confucius. A person who has built a whole society on his teachings will definitely not be superfluous.
    Then we go down to the basement and look for cool Greeks. The founders of democracy will be very useful. True, who invented democracy is unknown even now, so we are dragging Socrates, Pythagoras, Archimedes. We need brains.
    Next, you might want to take Sun Tzu. At least one military leader.
    In any case, I was more guided by my own interests. There are many great people. There is no logic in my choice.

  3. (I will immediately make a reservation that it will not be fair to put Jesus Christ: He is still a God-Man, slightly different initial conditions).

    1. Gautama Buddha (logically arrived at an absolutely rational religion).

    2. Heraclitus (genius of language: he was able to talk about the world when there was no terminology to describe it at all).

    3. Rene Descartes (a mathematical genius, firstly, and secondly-a philosophical one: he intellectually proved and justified being).

    4. Albert Einstein (I don't know much about physics, but I understand that Einstein has absolutely free, non-dogmatized thought; aliens should like it).

    5. Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (genius of morality).

  4. True geniuses are still considered to be only three, the existence of which is still being endlessly debated. Homer, for how can we prove that he existed at all? Shakespeare: until now, it has not been proven that it was he, an actor and the son of a gloveman, who owned plays that are known all over the world. Sholokhov: they still don't believe that the epic novel “Quiet Don” was conceived by the author of 21 years of age. The handwritten text has already been provided, and the Swedish Academy of Sciences has proved that ALL the works of this author were written by one person, but they still can't believe it.

    And as bait, two more unknown geniuses: who wrote the Bible and the Koran…

  5. Giordano Bruno, Marcus Aurelius, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Pushkin, Nicolo Paganini and I would very much ask for Sandro Botticelli. Each of them did something that no one in their field could do better than him. First on my list is just a person. No, Little Man!!! Giordano. I lived for what I loved and died for what I believed in. Marcus Aurelius is an amazing ruler and philosopher. Nikola Tesla – who better than him was able to extract an Idea from the scientific chaos? Who knew better than Pushkin how to handle the Word? Paganini…This is Music in the flesh. Botticelli is the pinnacle of taste and craftsmanship…Damn, people, we have something to be proud of!

  6. Of course, the people mentioned above deserve to be among the chosen ones, but for some reason no one mentioned the Russians Mendeleev, Popov, Zhukovsky, Tsiolkovsky,

  7. CLARIFICATION: there are two types of development: malignant and benign.

    There are a lot of Evil geniuses who have been, are, and will be, and they have always dominated.

    There are far fewer geniuses of Good – Socrates, Confucius…

  8. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alexander Pushkin, Isaac Newton.

    The expanded list would also include Goethe, Raphael, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Aivazovsky, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Tsiolkovsky, Euler, Gauss, Leibniz.

  9. Archimedes




    And many others you can pick up

    Einstein was a good mathematician, but he wasn't a genius. The aliens will spit in the face of those who choose it.

  10. Famous philosophers and thinkers of the same level-Confucius, Socrates, science fiction writer Efremov….-

    they effectively solved the most difficult and urgent problem of a dying civilization – ” how to raise the level of moral culture of the country and civilization for their survival and salvation.”

    Scientists, with all the greatest respect for them, never solved the problems of moral development of the country and civilization, and this increased the risk of a global catastrophe that would destroy the entire civilization.

  11. I carefully analyzed this question ,weighed all the pros and cons, and realized that there was no one else to put up on this dingy little planet.Yes, there's another sidekick coming up, rumor has it that he's pouring it for three people , like in a drugstore, damn it.

  12. A far-fetched question. The aliens have the technology for interstellar flight, so they are not fools at all, and they will not send fools to fly. It logically follows that being highly developed, they will not judge whether we are sufficiently developed by just five outstanding geniuses.

    Even with human understanding, the five outstanding geniuses have no way of determining how advanced the human race is.

  13. Leonardo da Vinci

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    Ivan Yefremov

    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

    Nikolay Kardashev

    Stephen Hawking

    Michio Kaku

    Albert Einstein

    Nikola Tesla

    Giordano Bruno

  14. A clever answer would be: such geniuses will be born in our history later.
    But in general, these aliens have extremely dislocated thinking and they have no idea about science, since it is not clear to them what an “unrepresentative sample” is.
    And if specifically on the issue, I can't give an exact list. However, mine would be made up of scientists, someone like Einstein. In all other matters genius is a very vague concept

    1. Euler. In my opinion, it is difficult to offer equal geniuses.

    The rest are discussed.









  15. I will continue the utilitarian line of answers. If you find yourself in the position of a barbarian, you must behave like a barbarian. And send not the smart ones, but the skilled ones. Houdini, Nikulin, Daedalus, Mozart and Mahatma Gandhi.

  16. “are we advanced enough to stay alive?”..

    With such a quirk, my list would be:

    Commander Shepard, Masterchef and other heroes of comp. games, movies and books, where all sorts of alien aliens with dohrena higher intelligence kicked ass))

    But seriously , in reality, the highest civilization should be smart enough not to separate individual achievements from the general environment that causes their appearance. And I wouldn't try to determine someone's general right to exist based on all sorts of geniuses.

  17. 1. Mendeleev .2Lobachevsky 3. Aristotle 4. Archimedes 5NUH, you can't choose only five people when there are so many magnificent and amazing people in our history! Here's Kepler for example-honestly, would you be able to think about the practice of interplanetary travel in the 21st century?

  18. I think that if they really came to us, they would take those who really created a miracle that does not exist on their planet. It all depends on their technology. Here is a list of those who could definitely surprise the aliens:

    • Leonardo da Vinci is an artist, but also a physicist. He created blueprints for an airplane and a mechanical robot. Unfortunately, only the drawings have come down to us, and on the basis of the drawings,they say, they created engines for rockets.

    • The smartest of the Mayan priests. They found planets that we don't know. In ancient times! But we didn't find the map.

    • Hen Fei-Tzu-invented the compass in the 3rd century BC, and only in the 15th century in Europe did not think of how they do it.

    • Archimedes is a great inventor and mathematician. He made it so that none of the Romans could get through until the defenders relaxed.

    And finally, the last genius is Kung Fu Tzu. Or, Confucius, the genius and moral philosopher. He also managed to create the religion of Confucianism,the most widespread religion in China. And to be honest, it is not known what the aliens consider a genius, but this is an option.

  19. Greetings, Timur Khakimullin!

    The list will be null.

    Geniuses don't exist in principle.

    Those who are now called geniuses are either conduits of information into our reality, but they have appropriated this knowledge by passing it off as their own, or they have received a higher evolutionary level at birth. That is, they do not study, discover and invent, but simply remember what they already know earlier under the influence of some external factors.

    You're not going to call a second-year kid a genius over a first-year kid, are you?

    Well, we are still too young to come up with something – everything was invented before us…

    Well, you can only think about the known when the amount of information on the topic turns into quality.

    You can't invent a laser if neither science nor technology is even close to these technologies.

  20. This is a far-fetched question. Extraterrestrials don't exist, so don't worry about them. Comparing geniuses is also not correct. Who is better: Leonardo or Michelangelo? Each person has his own scale of values, or there are no companions for the taste and color.

  21. Aotbury Einstein, Dmatrits Mendeleev, Andrey Korolev, Yuri Gagarin, Isaac Newton, Tsiolkovsky, Dmitry Sakharov , Leonardo Da'vinci, Popov, Chizhevsky, Vernadsky

  22. Aristotle
    Giordano Bruno
    Rene Descartes
    Isaac Newton
    Albert Entstein

    And why only 5? History contains many geniuses of thought who strive to bring progress to humanity, even if they are persecuted by everyone and despite the fear of death, as well as a huge number of people whose spirit , actions and faith in the best, whose kindness made this world a better place and who would not be ashamed to show their brothers in mind as an example of humanity and

  23. First, I think that it is necessary to take only people from modern times, because even the conditional Newton was a religious person, and not because there is a God, but because Darwin was born later.
    1. Richard Dawkins
    2. Stephen Hawking
    3. Elon Musk
    4. Bill Gates
    5. Mark Zuckerberg
    The list is probably too IT-biased, but I do not know people in the modern world who would come up with something truly new and revolutionary, not from the IT sphere.
    Also, Zuckerberg is on the list because he's young enough that I think geniuses will need young thinking.

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