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  1. A person can have a natural science education, for example, be a mathematician, physicist, geologist, biologist, physician, etc. Even if from some point of view a mathematician and a physicist seem to be “techies”, then it is unlikely that anyone will decide to enroll a paleontologist or a botanist in techies.

    If we mean approaches, worldview, “skills,” then in this case, ” the ornithologist and mineralogist are not techies. A tech guy is someone who synthesizes, constructs, and creates. An ornithologist does not create a stuffed animal or a flying machine (at least at first), i.e. it does not perform the functions that a technician should perform.

    It seems to me that the very classification of humanities and techies is a tool of the humanities. If the humanist and the technician sometimes come into contact and clearly feel the differences, then the natural scientist is a useless antipode, which is “beyond the horizon”, and is simply invisible to the humanist.

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