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  1. Different.
    Sometimes, within one country, its own “dialects” of the Russian National Language are developed.

    Attempts have been made many times to create a universal VJ. .
    The most successful attempts like Zhestuno, then 10-100 thousand followers did not gain.
    Because real sign languages are formed and develop as rapidly as the lives of their native speakers.
    Something in common, something similar will be found, and approximately poimut “German, French, Russian, Kazakh” each other.

  2. In sign languages , actions show more than letters . In any case, children's channels are very good at transmitting information through emotions and certain actions for the youngest , they do not know the letters. This type of communication is the same in all languages.

  3. Neither this nor that.

    In the US, for example, there are 2 common such languages. But the language used in country A can also be used in country B.

    There is no common world dominant language of the deaf and dumb.

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