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  1. I'm afraid that only yell with memes in contact. And believe the TV bullshit.

    But seriously, Homo sapiens has much more abilities than any spider. The main one is the ability to learn and critically rethink the experience of our ancestors. Not a single spider has the thought ” Am I weaving the web correctly?”.

  2. Everyone has innate reflexes, not skills. They acquire skills as they get older. And reflexes are grasping, self-defense, sucking, etc. I'm not a medic or a biologist, so I wrote that I remembered)

  3. Instead of instincts, a person has a culture that allows them to communicate what they need and learn new things more flexibly. Animals are dying out because they cannot adapt to the changed environment, to new tasks. A person has other problems (ecology, for example), but no one forbids using reason to solve these problems.

    So, does a person have instincts?

  4. We've all heard the story of Adam and Eve. And we know that they lived in Paradise in the beginning. But we don't always think about what life was like there. Really, what was it like for them in Paradise? They were not hot or cold, not full or hungry, they were comfortable…Yes, comfortable, in every way. There was no need for them to work, build a home, or search for food – all this was already prepared for them. Adam and Eve, living in such ideal conditions, simply did not need any skills. In a word, Paradise was their home.

    Earth… When they were exiled to this place, they immediately felt uncomfortable. It was essentially a link. And they gradually had to acquire knowledge and skills to survive on this harsh planet. They prayed every day to the Creator to bring them back to their native home. They knew they were strangers on Earth. And we, the descendants of Adam and Eve, are more or less accustomed to the Earth's conditions, but this does not mean that we are comfortable: we are always dissatisfied with something, today we are hot, and tomorrow we are cold, today we are full, and tomorrow we are not. You've probably noticed that people mostly strive for various kinds of amenities, comfort, beauty, luxury – in a word, they want to build their own paradise on earth. Where do you think all this comes from? It's just that our body subconsciously or even at the genetic level remembers that the Earth is not its home.

    Birds, spiders, and beavers are another matter. They were created in a harsh Land and for a harsh Land. That is, they are natives of the planet Earth. This is their home. Therefore, the Creator rewarded them with the skills necessary for life on Earth. You may ask: why didn't the Creator reward Adam and Eve with skills when they were already on Earth? Because they were serving their sentences. And in such cases, rewards in the form of skills are not provided. Therefore, they themselves had to acquire the necessary skills. The Creator did not endow them with ready-made knowledge, but gradually taught them mind-to-mind.

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