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  1. As much as you want, you can pretend to be smart and serious, despise all these memchiki of yours, fill your friends ' feed with poems, translations of scientific articles, extremely relevant (or, on the contrary, detached from the mortal reality) quotes of great people and theatrical news. But I am deeply convinced that neither knowledge of quantum physics nor recitation of chapters from Faust are adequate indicators of the mind.

    The only and indispensable companion of highly developed intelligence in modern online reality is memes about cats (by neighing).

  2. A meme is a concentrated emotion. It is important for everyone to observe the flow of fashion, and it is all the more useful to use it in your work. It's not stupid people who follow memes, but those who understand the true reasons for their popularity and can predict the emergence of this very popularity in something. A meme, of course, is created by chance, but it's not just that everyone knows it. And to create a meme purposefully and be aware of how the crowd will react to it, you need to have a mind. Analyze memes and then even the most stupid ones will make you break your head in the struggle with the question ” why?”

  3. It depends on what memes we're talking about. There are memes from public posts like 4ch, which have no common sense, only inadequate humor. And there are more “smart” public posts with “complex” memes that the average 4ch subscriber will not understand, since they are designed for knowledge of literature, science, and the like. Now educational memes are becoming more and more popular – thus, with the help of memes, students prepare for the Unified State Exam and they become more interested in national literature or science.

  4. Of course not. Only snobs and pseudo-intellectuals fuck up memes.�
    Memes are a reflection of the culture. And it doesn't matter what this meme is, whether it's from the MDK or from some CLIQUE-all this reflects the opinions/views/interests of different types of society and reflects the culture as a whole.�
    Memes are not just some lol — rofl-lmao, they are also an amazing indicator of a sense of humor, belonging to a particular subculture, and even an indicator of a certain person's worldview.
    In 2016, it is enough to go to the saved pages and subscriptions of a person to roughly estimate your chances of interesting communication with them.
    Memes in saved files and subscriptions are already perfectly filled out web questionnaires for friends of the 21st century (in our childhood, questionnaires for friends were made up of notebooks/albums/notebooks).�
    Memes also have different subtleties of humor. It is important to understand that if a person is amused, at first glance, by a stupid and vulgar joke-meme, this does not mean that he is stupid. Maybe you don't understand this kind of humor or are not sufficiently liberated in it?
    In general, memes are very important and not at all for”stupid” people.

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