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  1. The concept of “objective truth” is broader than the concept of “absolute truth”. Objective truth can be relative or absolute. For example, now we can consider it an absolute truth that man descended from an ape, and in a few centuries this absolute truth of ours may be challenged, recognized as incorrect, and then turn into a relative truth (i.e., the judgment itself may turn out to be inaccurate knowledge, but it corresponds to a certain level of development of society at the time of its appearance). Relative truth just means that this truth depends on certain conditions, but it is also an objective truth.

  2. “Objective truth” is buttery butter.
    If a certain knowledge is not objective , it is not true (although it may be true).

    Absolute truth is a truth to which a lot of pathos has been added.
    The meaning does not change in any way, but how it sounds! 🙂

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