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  1. For a person, sleep is very important, the process of sleep itself is important, but the fact that our consciousness complements this process with such a colorful moment as dreams can be said to be a great success in our life, because sleep is like a computer game and often we are able to download it ourselves, it is enough just 30 minutes before bedtime to throw all the negative Whether these dreams are real or not, everyone decides for himself, but what we see in them is definitely not nonsense, because almost all of this is quite possible, and even more so to meet a person from a dream, history knows many such meetings!!!

  2. As a rule, this is exactly the “zadrotstvo” and is the main occupation of these people, they are most likely critics, either about the profession, or by vocation!)

    But I can definitely say that such characters have read these works from cover to cover and perhaps even more than once, it's useless to compete with them in discussing the topic they have studied, they really remember what color the curtains were on Dumbledore's hundredth birthday at Hogwarts!))))

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